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What was the Middle East like for me going into a war zone

What was the Middle East like for me going into a war zone (one-man mission with smokey and the bandit awaiting my arrival)

What was the Middle East like for me going into a war zoneYou can laugh at my headline after 🙂 Picture this in your mind what it was like for me to head into the middle east alone.

1. I speak only English native tongue.

2. Media was trying to tell the world it was a war zone, danger ahead.

3. With the never-ending propaganda that all Muslims are bad was a real cause for concern.

4. Unprepared for any event in front of me, I had to improvise and bluff my way through.

5. I had to lie to a foreign embassy with inside help. (Inner mental focus was a true asset he interviewed me many times before passing the all-clear. These guys don’t mess around)

6. I had to leave the UK unnoticed.

7. 007 I’m on your trail.

8. Escape from being held as a prisoner.

9. Car chase. thrown out of a moving car.

10. I bluffed my way through soldier border checkpoints they were no party. That’s not to say they didn’t do their job right I was just extremely good at the mental focus game I mention below. I couldn’t break under pressure I came too far to give myself away.

Well, that sets the pace lets go…

Days leading up to my disappearing stunt now you see me now you don’t. It was a full-on the military operation to sneak me out of the UK backdoor. Timing of those who will ship me from home to the airport without getting noticed where is he going?

Waited for nightfall to drop less noticeable in darker hours. I had to have some knowledge of how to not draw attention to myself. I give you an idea of how that works. Next time your walking behind someone. 30 feet away staring at their back give all your focus notice for their head to give off signs, they sense you. Notice when they finally turn to see who is placing energy on them.

Sit in a cafe find someone with their back to you. Now imagine your self with a long stretchy arm reach out and tiggle their neck with a feather. Notice how long before a response occurs they scratch their neck or rub or even look back in your direction. Be warned you’re now entering the twilight zone. 🙂

Once that happens you know your mastering the art. I often practice my art by looking out for those wearing hats in my mind I would keep flicking their hat off. Until they began fiddling with their head. The more you practice the better you become.

Now let’s say two spies land in the UK one highly trained in this field the other not. The guy with no experience looks around the airport at everyone and anything his energy signature everywhere. Security relies on these fools. You can guarantee all if not half know this man is here. If he’s trying to remain anonymous he just went a bad way about it. Our man is red alert highly suspicious everybody sees it or at least feels it on a subconscious level. Please don’t send this guy again he will let the team down guaranteed.

Now our trained spy giving no focus to anyone outside a nod or one-worded answers. He never runs over in his mind what a person thought or thinking about. His mind conditioned single-focused giving off no energy trained his mind on one object a book he holds. Nobody noticed him, he would be your real Mr invisible undercover ops guy he blended in well. Seeking out this man requires another skill.

A time to throw mental energy around and a time not to go there. They are the fundamental difference between a trained and untrained man in any area that requires it.

For years hot women pass me. Inside I’m like damn girl OOo yeah, I gave her a quick body search with my mind. Her head twitches Oops she sensed me certainly felt me, I have wondered at times damn did you hear me. Some girls nod at that moment. Yet I figure that’s a subconscious response. Of course, her subconscious picks me up, does she know consciously I’m undecided. No woman has ever turned and slap my face yet ha-ha Yep I love that game! Best way to keep you trained in that zone. No practice you weaken your skills.

Anyway nobody wondered British dude boards a flight with locals from the middle east returning home. The only one’s who did notice were the passengers like who is he? That’s a big brother Nikkie moment “Who is He?” The holiday season was over he wasn’t off on a holiday. Me I’m like come on captain you can do better move the ship faster. Wait where’s my parachute jeez I hope Wesley Snipes ain’t on board. Oh, it’s OK I found a hanky chief that will work I’ve seen scooby doo do it. 🙂

That’s how I got out of the UK unnoticed. I know for sure when I arrived back telling me we how worried I had vanished in thin air. We placed you on the missing database. At that moment I was proud 007 you got nothing on me 🙂

My journey involved 2 flights stopover at Istanbul. What came next I was not prepared. Refused to board the next flight I had no visa to enter Azerbaijan. I had no awareness of how far I was from my destination. I bought a one-way ticket to nowhere ha-ha you legend! The choice of returning back for free or stay.

I chose my mission I had 90 days to make it. I knew for sure I was going to do it. The heat was on the stakes now rising beyond my threshold oh shit, oh wow, yes I’m in the do doo what a challenge.

Within 3 days I was out of money finding English speaking folk was like finding a carrot in a honeypot. The stakes went up more. Yet it made it so much more exciting now the odds against me were fucking high. Was I scared not at all these people gave me no signs to worry? It was the unknown I was not moving through holiday resorts luxury hotels, Living on the streets in remote secluded areas. Body language and emotional sensing had to become my new format. Using out of body scanning sensing energy to determine if I’m walking in a zone I best not go, my only way to navigate. I lost my luggage just the ground my rucksack and I. I got to stay with others for short overnights along the way. I was learning the true worth and heart of these people.

I had the odd character who would try their luck with me I had to nip that in the butt fast yet that was normal for any country. Guy don’t speak the language well you can get away with much if you allow it.

If I sat down for a year going over every detail I know I would end up with an 80,000-word novel. Best way to describe my experience and the real Muslim culture people of the middle east. The moment on board the British airways return.

A young lady and her sister paid for me to return, first-class business. She didn’t have the resources took her time 7 days in fact. They were worried I brought the house of cards down on me and all involved. When I approached the Russian soldiers who took me to see the captain who was not Russian so we are clear. Lucky for me prior to going in I had a hunch make a call back to the UK to one person who knew my location at all times. I swore them to secrecy unless I gave them a reason. She sounded the alarm. Her timing spot on target another 10 minutes it would have all been over. Nobody knew I was in the middle east and everybody in that building knew it.

I was really pissed I had been held prisoner fear were extinct on all levels. I was the equaliser on a mission of no mercy. “You gotta be who you’re in this world, right” The night I would truly vanish. I had gone too far the one phone call saved my bacon, not the middle east fault. I didn’t take it lightly being slung out a moving car after being held against my will. I made my escape to freedom now trouble was marching back into town from the desert. Oh, you chose the wrong guy matey. One man army here I come ready or not. (hint for a song)

The two sisters were in fear of their life I had gone too far with the captain no man would ever dare do what I did that night to him. It was a scene out of the HULK don’t make me angry you won’t like me when I’m angry. Eyes looking at each other where the fuck did this man come from with balls of Steele. The Sargent was quite the interpreter. Those were not my words mine was direct and intense you need parental guidance to hear what I said. One sister heard every word she spoke good English she begged me to stop. She knew what was coming. I have Vladimir Putin to thank he was a world of inspiration during the fall of the berlin wall. Thanks, man you’re a legend 😉 Never shall we see Boris or Trump walk our shoes!

Apart from that experience lasting around 7-10 days.

Boarding the airline watching the middle east fade. Tears rolled down my face I didn’t want to leave. 99% of my experience with the locals the hospitality was mind-blowing. Now I am 100% pissed at the UK for lies for years about the middle east and Muslims. No longer a hearsay man who watches to much TV first-hand experience I was an authority on the subject for certain.

Did anyone believe me how wonderful they were? No fucking way the TV did a number on the country under total hypnosis from the truth. It troubled me for years innocent people victimised.

I wanted to write about the held prisoner, many full-on action moments going down. Surviving under pressure was a key skill. Would make a great film. Yet in my heart, I couldn’t bring myself to write in great detail because the west would use it against them. That would not be fair considering the truth I know 100%

I made the greatest choice of my life to go into the unknown blindfolded. No communication, no luggage, no money bluffing my way across the land to reach my destination. I couldn’t return it begged me to dare the challenge of a lifetime I was not about to bail out at the first hurdle. I’ll never know the exact mileage I covered Istanbul to Baku. On the map, it looks a breathtaking amount one I will always be proud I came this route. I broke down every wall and boundary inside me.

If you think I have a bighead these days. Well, I have damn good reason to be as confident as I am. I did the unthinkable when the world wanted us to believe it was a shear danger zone. I earned the right to be me.

I don’t ever see me speaking the full story in public ways. I knew my captives that’s what caught me so unaware. Looking back I can see the signs were all visible. If I questioned more than I did I was always given an excuse why. The words I kept hearing back “It’s fine my government have you covered trust me to make the move” I trusted yet I’m glad I did regardless it made me who I am today. In that final escape, I realised my captives were more scared of the government that became their weakest moment. “fuck you I’m leaving” and boom the action began.

Some day my grandchildren will say grandpa what was it like in the middle east as a prisoner? Ha-ha so cute! 🙂 WELL it all began one autumn night….!

Did you get a medal of honour? My heart is my medal the highest award you can get from the universe for such bravery.

Some will understand others might not the universe sent me in for one reason a part of me lived in the middle east I had to go back and retrieve it who knows what would have happened if I never went.

I contemplated for a moment those who try so hard to bring down my website extremely possible it’s my captives fearing someday I’ll tell the world who they were. I think what they forget I got what I came for I’m not interested in telling the world who you’re. Your gov won’t come after you means nothing to me. I forgave you the moment I got what I came for.

All this information is the entire meaning by Abraham Hicks on the meaning of contrast how delicious it all be. No joke about that statement. Some watch others do on a box and others be the one doing all the heavy lifting.,

And to those who read the book (Mystery Behind The Middle East Movement), I don’t mean to disappoint yet I really gave you why these people are badass awesome and why my Country was wrong in the abuse of their great nation. That’s the truth I discovered along my journey. I can’t deny speaking the action stuff might have made that a blockbuster. Yet my heart remains true to the facts inside. I’m not prepared to sell these people down the road for any money. Never have I seen in the UK hospitality to a stranger from a country that hates on them so much. The Middle East demonstrated real love, real peace to a stranger ME. My captives were nothing compared to the shit we do in the west.

I look back in life and ask what’s possible because if it’s going to hurt that’s got to be an excuse not to do. I felt the greatest pain a man can endure both my daughters yet still attack them physically not, the hardest thing in life was that. I have no excuses fake has to be the biggest excuse for a life. Proud is all I have. I wished everyone could feel like me yet without a few steps of course. If I make a dick of myself along the way well, that’s OK also 🙂

In all fairness, I could have written a half-truth, half fiction book like confessions made a million got what I wanted I mean we all have an agenda that’s a fact nobody can deny and my agenda was to come into this world one time show a way of being by example and leave, my brothers and sisters above proud. Going the half-truth route or physically harming was never part of my plan, yet that was where I began in the early days of late 1985 in the shit now start digging a hole back to the surface. I have my own world to someday return home. It’s only being here as you one realises above not as easy as above. Because above in the heavens you’re as much us as we are you. Harming you harms us works both ways.

You will always know us we seek nobody to worship us. In truth everyone is in the do doo on earth now you have to find a way home to the truth of above, good luck it’s not easy the heavens laugh at me lots some days yet they know I can do it. Once a phenomenon in the skies of the world mainly America to manifest into you. In those days America was a chosen nation for good reason. The hardest thing in this reality you face you cannot prove our existence it’s a test of faith for good reason also.

Consider this in centuries long past only one or two souls were making it above “Jesus” The odds today are even harder yet many are making it back. These people stopped listening to others started in one location then kept it secret never to share it’s impossible doing so keeps you stuck one big do doo party.

You just have to love my friend all things with the light as your guide, love is never hard, never a battle, it’s done not through words yet actions.,

Consider this you must know projection on earth is key to the reality well above a skill we master project from above to an available conduit below. The 1940’ to ’50s is a bizarre trip projection on our part was a key role at our appearance yet from this perspective oh crap what went wrong, you have images of ships that are not our projection you intercepted and re-translated us into what one can call prehistoric ships. Yet more-so key, not everyone perceives the same yet wow way off target on appearance. Today you’re more on target can you feel what I’m leading you too?

Another example the last 7 months aeroplanes never stopped over ahead yet no one sees them well not everyone, well hello where you off to Scotland and back for fun? The world was closed so tell me where are you going? or came from! every now and then a random woman would look up confused, relax you’re not going mad you see correctly miss, interesting to watch. I threw a spanner in the works when I shared a video of them flying then a new story came out. Oh, that was fun! 🙂

These following words are more real than you can imagine.

Hark ye O ole man and list to my warning:
be ye free from the bondage of night.
Surrender not your soul to the BROTHERS OF DARKNESS.
Keep thy face ever turned towards the Light.
Know ye not, O man, that your sorrow,
only has come through the Veil of the night.
Aye man, heed ye my warning:
strive ever upward,
turn your soul toward the LIGHT.
The BROTHERS OF DARKNESS seek for their brothers
those who travelled the pathway of LIGHT.
For well know that those who have travelled
far towards the Sun in their pathway of LIGHT
have great and yet greater power
to bind with darkness the children of LIGHT.

List ye, O man, to he who comes to you.
But weigh in the balance if his words be of LIGHT.
For many, there are who walk in DARK BRIGHTNESS
and yet are not the children of LIGHT.

Easy it is to follow their pathway,
easy to follow the path that they lead.
But yet O man, heed ye my warning:
Light comes only to him who strives.
Hard is the pathway that leads to the WISDOM,
hard is the pathway that leads to the LIGHT.
Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway:
many the mountains to climb toward the LIGHT.

Yet know ye, O man, to him that overcometh,
free will he be of the pathway of Light.
For ye know, O man,
in the END light must conquer
and darkness and night be  banished from Light.

That’s why I love this song so much 🙂

Now I’m on the verge of a new experience somewhat different yet unknown all the same.

My advice to anyone when an opportunity comes knocking you open the door and leap through don’t live a life of regret wishing you did it listen to you nobody else opinion counts but yours. I had no dress rehearsal do or forever regret.

I hate war nothing good ever comes from it. Too easy for loudmouth presidents they are the one hiding behind their wife’s skirt at home. Yet when I’m all out of options and the pressure builds the challenge to new heights are on the cards and I’m Bruce Lee ready to leap into the unknown adventure or you gotta become the man who keeps on getting up or be nobody.

Give anyone risking their lives some respect nobody ever said it’s easy no matter what they do all are human all have a heart love shit and breath just like us all., The video gaming industry one day will get a lot of young lads in some deep shit. Then reality will bop them on the heads. The video games industry will take the impact and over. That’s a premonition I’ve seen coming.


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