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No tower is built equally.
Yet every tower was built to someday fall.,
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In 9 million years of evolution from Venus to Alcyon, we chose one thing that evolved us higher from A to B “Love of the Great infinite ALL,” No matter where we travelled no matter what we addressed as a race that was always our outcome. Thoth.,

UK Gov Union Jack Shit

UK Gov Union Jack Shit


I had to travel somewhere well most places that were open now shut for 2 weeks so I went into the city holy fuck you bastards.

Everywhere I looked all I could see working were Gov. minions I approach all I crossed they were all at a distance from each other so I began quizzing and scanning them one by one.

When did you all come back? Today, one said I walked away since when did you sell yourself, cheap bro, I thought.

Nearly all had a unique story until I met one who fucking was not happy because everyone is on holiday but not these fuckers.
Same question I asked. We haven’t stopped; they have made us work all the way through this. I scan him; he spoke the truth.

What was even more bizarre was how they were all trying hard not to make it obvious told to stay out of sight that behaviour in back streets working among trees? You only spot them if you pass them.

So every business shop owners placed in FEAR go home and start counting on the enormous debt you will owe US THE GOV. now isn’t that a CLEVER scam. Whilst they all creep and hide into work and continue as normal.

Hook Line and Sinker they did it again and now Brexit back on the agenda to keep your minds dumb from seeing the truth keep you busy give you something to cheer about or is that just on MSN?

How much did you borrow? to stay home and close your business? How much? why didn’t they practice what they preached? why are you paying for something you never created? If I didn’t care about you why am I asking?

I walk under a bridge sprayed on the floor says “#stop paying rent we don’t have it.” At last, somebody is finally opening their eyes, I thought, and somebody is voicing it. GOOD whoever wrote you do that I vote yes to you.

I have a voice pick up your boots and join me if you have the balls no hiding OK I am not hiding so why should anyone else. Man up or go home and hide.

The people who emailed me I’m not interested in what David Icke or London real say I care about what you say what you think not what everyone else is saying. We have too many people falling in line playing the copycat game. No real intelligent thinking for themselves. Don’t tell me what someone else knows, tell me what you know first hand with experience. David has no experience, he reads, he researches that’s not firsthand experience. The dude can read and fog his horn, so what.

This morning I walked past a Muslim family two guys their mother and the daughter was being taken away in the ambulance the girl looked me in the eyes she was scared I gave her my blessing the brothers knew I was approaching uneasy feeling between them so I gave a nod my way of telling them she will be OK. Fear is a disease so is spreading fear.

The most dangerous thing you can ever entertain is FEAR why do you think the gov and the media played on this 100x 10 the more you feared the more casualties occurred.

Now let me educate you about a certain President Donald Trump, why he so rich he understands certain things he knows fear has no room in his life. Yet you or anyone else yes please fear hold on let us help you. WHY because in fear you are powerless and they can grow richer on your fears. How many products have you bought that you never would before all this? How many things went up in price? Hook, line and sinker.

BeatPulse Magazine once had this man in the video on the front page, where do you think all these rich people learned most of what they know today? Why do you think this stuff never is shown on mainstream TV because you would learn it? If you all knew then the game is over. Everyone is rich with no power for them, no minions to control.

Why do the gov? get all the small minions doing all the dirty work? Think about it. They are just cattle. Livestock. Sounds like slaves to me. Come on, let’s open this can of worms. TRY PROVING ME WRONG I DARE YOU.
Let’s look at the meaning of how you see people based on admiralty law, the law of the high seas and let’s see what you did to these people for hundreds of years. Come on, I know by experience don’t I (Justice Andrew McFarlane.) So does both my daughters.
Do you honestly think politicians, rich people, famous people are all at home watching Eastenders or Jeremy kyle getting his kicks on destroying families, NO that’s reserved for all the poor people they control? Come on. THE CATTLE THE MEAT MARKET WHAT DID YOU REALLY THINK THOSE FANCY WORDS ON YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE MEANT? YOU KNOW THE ONES YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND. HAVE A LOOK GO ON. Meet your Scarecrow. Police, fire brigade. nurses do you think they are not cattle to these people YES unless you’re at the top then NO. Here you are all fighting each other for decades kept busy and blind.

I’m not happy about how you are being treated and tricked. And what should I say oh it’s OK there, there, all better soon. NO
Take a long hard look at you, everyone look at you all scared of each other avoiding each other BUT wait now look at them are they behaving like you NO. and they are not using FEAR on you? Propaganda.

How much did you borrow? to stay home and close your business? How much? why didn’t they practice what they preached? why are you paying for something you never created? If I didn’t care about you why am I asking?

Ask this question how many have had someone diagnosed with cancer and the fear killed them at least made all happen faster think about that. You can scare someone to death. Well, what did you think all this would do to you?
TRY PROVING ME WRONG I DARE YOU. You bring some experts, I will nominate mine. Let’s find out who’s been spinning false lies. Come On Boris? Prove me wrong? Let’s open the can of worms. You all been hiding.


Let’s ask all the rich people about this video? are they all going to lie there answer will certainly affect their career from this moment on best, to be honest. Well, they all know I speak the truth they always hope someone else would go first so it’s not them so brave, so here I am. Celebrities rich people am I lying?

Has Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich never been read by you? have you never heard of this stuff before? is fear dangerous or not? tell us what you know. Your turn to shine with pure honesty. Show us who you support the people your fans the ones who made you rich? or the Gov?

Let’s talk some real stuff If I was running this gov. First I would get rid of that childish name and call me President Thoth, not Prime minister seriously. It’s not England anymore every nation in the world lives here. We are united in unity as one nation.

Wars would be gone do you know why? I’m a real man I can fight my own battles if I had a problem with Vladimir Putin I would not send 20,000 soldiers to their death, their children need their fathers. Whilst the coward prime minister stayed at home giving all the big talk. yeah right, SHUT UP. I would say to Vladimir personally listen, dude, we are not getting anywhere with this so 10 rounds in the boxing ring me and you whoever wins it’s settled. Done deal. we shake we fight it’s over. Two men. not 40,000 dead men and women. We don’t live in the stone age anymore Boris.

And any president who grew some balls for once instead of talking like a nancy hiding behind real men soldiers, and knew that was a worthy solution is a man worth leading his country. Don’t want your ass kicked don’t elect yourself as a candidate plain and simple leave it to real men.

Let’s help the people out more who is the judge under admirals law? The Admiral himself  Read More See where the rabbit hole takes you. If you can find the meaning behind the words they use which is how they trapped you to make them rich on you as cattle livestock. Fire your damn lawyers they are part of the deception. YOUR CORPORATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE SCANDAL Your not a number oh yes you’re. why did I change my name forget that ask what I did to them I burned them in flames. dig deep down the rabbit hole Alice.

Earl Nightingale the man on the front cover of our magazine in 2016 with Nightingale Conant

How much did you borrow? to stay home and close your business? How much? why didn’t they practice what they preached? why are you paying for something you never created? If I didn’t care about you why am I asking?

What about Gregg Braden does he lie?

What about Napoleon?


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