There’s a battle for our HUMANNESS going on

There’s a battle for our HUMANNESS going on


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


A large portion of humanity was caught unaware none prepared, yet you and I, us, the ALL we know who you/we are,¬† your entire life’s work belongs here., Everything you worked for sits among you NOW., Within a time since past, Ascension was few., The winds of change keep turning the numbers gaining momentum faster higher than before., You showed up when it mattered, just as you said you would., a time would come you said, you won’t know what or where yet you will always know-how, that was for sure., A Spark awakens in you a wise word a speech of bliss and the numbers keep on growing., ~Ra.,

3 videos that can speak to your soul in times when you really need to hear the truth, the real truth that can change your life. Time to empower you is now., The wiser you become the more you step forward in your own power of truth., The moment you begin learning from others your own wisdom will¬† unlock and will flow to you naturally as you proceed forward., The future is beautiful the future is bright we know it, it’s your turn to know it.,

A Tip: When you sleep at night and play a positive audiobook or music that empowers you., You begin rewiring the subconscious patterns without any real effort all done whilst you sleep. Wear headphones and drift off., I’ve done this for many many years.,

In fact, I’ve learned many new skills in a night without even knowing what was said yet I awoke with knowing how to do something., It’s that powerful

Can you now see what they are doing to you?

In a time of uncertainty, you have awakened the caterpillar within you.,

The caterpillar never enters the crystallises knowing what comes next yet goes forth he does.

In that uncertain moment, the brave and fearless caterpillar becomes the beauty he has always been the “Butterfly.,”

The metamorphosis of the old to the new., What was for certain was he’s natural birth right beauty.,

The butterfly dances among the trees bouncing joyfully, singing how blessed is he.

Yodelling to the crowd below never fear change for you were always the butterfly-like me once you can see.,