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the unknown is a beautiful place

the unknown is a beautiful place

the unknown is a beautiful placeI feel like I’m dancing with time. I’m itching to begin this beautiful unknown journey if I could leave right now I most certainly would. Never felt so excited about doing something to walk into the unknown makes me feel alive the unknown is a beautiful place I know it well.

After doing a stock check I’m about 10 things missing then I have covered all basis preparation is everything No more random let’s go let’s move we will find out what we need along the way. Lost me poor cat a year ago because of not being prepared.

I have to think snow, tons of rain, wind and storms along the way it is the UK after all.

Years ago I had a random dream yet it always stuck with me, I was looking at the map of Scotland and crossing through Inverness don’t know why but it did feel right. Never been to Scotland before. Time to catch up with that dream and discover what it was all about. Why did I have such a great feeling from a place I’d never been to.

I’ve considered going up the eastern coastline I know eventually I’ll make it leads all the way there. Who needs a map 🙂 I don’t need a compass the sun is a damn good compass. Plus following the coastline just follow my nose for candy floss and ring doughnut smells hmm now that is motivation at it’s finest! I could reach Norfolk/Newcastle then head west for lake district than continue upwards.

If I find a boat might even go check out the north pole see if I can find a route into inner earth 🙂 Stick to Scotland for now.

I put a ton of books on eBay to locate the resources I require. A sugar momma would be damn useful right now ha-ha.

Stuart Wilde was an absolute legend gave up his life walked out of his London mansion home one day threw his keys down the drain gave away his Rolls Royce I believe. Carrying £50,000 and the big world was at his feet he never looked back or went back to the rich and famous life he accumulated. He became something far greater. That’s an impressive move.

If I had £100 I would be gone in a matter of a day or 2. £50,000 would work but hey I’m not Stuart Wilde I am Thoth.

This journey will test every inner and outer strength than ever before, that excites me.

If you consider yourself Thoth’s number one hater you could always donate me £100 I assure you it will work, vanished like magic you can tell everyone you made me disappear like a pro magician for a while 🙂 I’ll even make a Thothy badge with your name on it when I resurface I’ll be your number one fan 🙂 I’m handing it to you on a golden plate 🙂 Trump any takers? ha-ha, I’ll make you president for another decade! some of my voodoo ray sunlight bobs your uncle mommas your aunt both shouting bingo full house! anyway moving on a sunbeam! You know you’re gonna miss me 🙂 Best £100 you ever did spend come on it’s a decade dude! Ooh, I could make a shit load of enemies that way but hey if they all donate £100 damn I be richer than you 🙂 win/win ha-ha Don’t leave it too long as Biden is already considering making £200 bid 😛

I did once try talking Kerli into moving me in on her homestead ranch she didn’t have any of my nonsense did take a while for her to think about it ha-ha. Can’t blame me for trying 🙂 so with that My favourite song of Kerli’s one day I will steal this song and make it my own once I reach my destination.

Driving around the streets of London’s nightlife Nicholas turns to me, saying “Son don’t you ever be average in life we have too much of that in London, do you hear me.” An outstanding teacher! I do my utmost best to keep that promise to him and myself!


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