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The story of the one who got away

The story of the one who got away

The story of the one who got awayforever in eternity’s pain regretting the man who’s a substitute to the greatness of King Thoth the great. A loyal King who ran far, far away pushed into the arms of a blossoming queen of trumps.

Whilst over at trump land King Thoth sits upon his throne wiping his brow phew that was a close call, the queen lays her trump card down smiling “yes, dear who wants fake ass bitches when you have the real deal.

Lifting her delicate soft hand against my moist plumb hungry ready lips, flinging a passion wink into the twinkle of her sparkling eyes “that’s why I was the one who got away, dear, kings are made from the ground up never are they born

Oh, you devilish chap Thothy, yet the hairs stand to revel to your obedience in wait of thou-est kings roughest grip upon my smooth silky ass cheeks take dominion of thou queen at once,
is that an order I hear?
no that’s my body growling for thee. Shut-up and plunge me with your British kingship whip,


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