Suspicious Virus Map

Suspicious Virus Map

Suspisious Virus Map


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


Let’s analyse this a little by the time you reach the end of this BS map

China in black Russia is sitting pretty even a cool Mr Putin!

Western world on heat like rabbits with their tails on fire.

But wait a minute you’re telling me China in Black and really only the two most hated countries by west Iran and Japan are hit and Russia tells you the truth Hmm

Now it gets strangely interesting

Greenland clear could that be because the virus would not go anywhere in freezing cold?

If so Look at Iceland then even bizarre SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN does not compute as making any logical sense. Suspect BS Map. Do we have any non-mainstream expertise?

Yet China and Russia almost hugging each other yet look.

Now look at Donald Trump and Boris Johnson compared to Vladimir Putin. Vladimir what do you know brother you tell us I listen to you more than these drama queens we have.

Furthermore Donald Trump and Boris Johnson both businessmen priority Money. Vladimir Putin was not a businessman priority People. The difference between leadership – money Vs people.

A real leader puts people first and proves it like this – Can we trust Russia Figures I personally would trust him., He delivers.,


My conclusion is I don’t believe a word anyone is saying I don’t believe its even real 😛 I’m a Pisces I know Bullshit when I see and hear it.,