Strangest topic. Biggest challenge. Easiest Solution in history

Strangest topic. Biggest challenge. Easiest Solution in history


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


instead of finding out whose morals are better the gold digger or the gold trap lets face facts if you want to make a video on how to catch a gold digger plenty will line up for you to discover. It’s called the law of attraction.

Duh, I knew that, says pinky to the brain.

Captain Jack sparrow we found gold, sir! Ahoy, my beauties!

Honey loves bees and bees love honey. Why not ask well how does a woman turn this way and why does a man feel the need to make money on videos this way about trapping what the universe will happily give them both.

Let’s go back to the core solution where it all began. Yes, Solution that’s where it lives. What makes a woman do and a man want to do this? Where did it all begin? Like most things, all begins in the early days of learning, education. It’s then you begin to notice oh they are both working under Darwin’s Theory that’s what the education system is based on.

Yet Science has proved Darwin’s theory as invalid. The issue is the system has not been changed why? Probably too lazy, let’s be honest that’s a lot of books invalid out of date. Tons if not all teachers need re-educating OMG what a headache hmm Nah skip that, let’s not do let’s keep going nobody will notice. Oh really says the chalkboard.

The gold-digger and the snare trap looks up what you mean we were, are going about life all wrong? Buzzzzzzzzzzz the bee makes a fly-by hmm YUP

Honey screams should have gone to spec savers.

Bee shouts or listened to Gregg Braden

The flowers dance in agreement.

Aww, a cure, after all, says the daisies good brother Gregg Braden man who cared enough about everyone.

The cows in the field squint their eyes OMG he didn’t just go tell them did he.

Yup screams the cowpat digging up beauty.

The puppies wag their tails are you going to fix? 🙂

Never ask a businessman for solutions, spend less make more (Darwin’s Theory)  Survival of the fittest biggest error in history.,

If we have the money to place 20,000 soldiers on the streets. If we have 350 Billion to help put society into debt then you can bet your ass we have the funds to fix the biggest solution that would change this planet faster with long term benefits for everyone.,

it’s not about who did what or who can we blame. it’s now that we can see it, will we choose to fix it? what I can see is the native Indian Hopi prophecy being fulfilled right now unfolding with coronavirus.,

Hopi Prophecy Rock

Notice the top line the one that stands for the big business industry, selfish, money over people, see how it curls at the end and stops could that be DNA spiralling off? could that be showing you how with the virus? Should have remained on the bottom path (Selflessness Unity., Community Togetherness., Oneness.,)