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Rebels, tactical people survival junkies some good advice

Rebels, tactical people survival junkies some good advice

Rebels tactical people survival junkies some good adviceNeeds mentioning I learned from the army store friend many upon many are choosing this route all preparing. I kind of hope they never got fooled by bushcraft, survival, prepping videos on YouTube because there is an abundance of people showing this way of life however they are not, they have houses and go out and return.

Take it from someone who has done this many times with no home or at least knowing there was no return and nobody to bail you out, 100% all in.

That’s mighty fine stuff and they all do a fine job of what they show but without fully comprehended they are not living this way they can over glamourise this lifestyle choice I had a clear picture what it looked like during Christmas 2019 in urban areas and I’ve done urban in the summer, not something I would ever recommend the only benefits well that’s why you see beggars many don’t know the other route so they stay local and visible.

Tells you something when this amount of people have chosen this way of life. Makes me laugh what if the whole planet decided that? hmm, I think somebody better pay attention real fast.

To obtain a real grasp of this life one needs off-grid people. Watching how they first began to where they reached helps more.

The other route could be perceived wrong by those who love watching a possible doomsday syndrome movie. That at least doesn’t help. Understanding the difference to fully comprehending that choice will make all the difference. Some part-time bush crafter’s and survival junkies make it look damn easy however I never recall easy any time I ever went off on a long wander.

Like I said people are turning their backs on a faulty broken system who don’t want to change. Christmas I see more females on the streets than I ever have never been so shocked.

So if you are someone choosing then please educate yourself fully and be prepared.

An example wearing only a t-shirt and trousers heading out during the night into the desert, upon my return sudden impact temperature change occurred I mean fucking super sudden no warning below freezing it can drop you to your knees fast. I’m rolled into the fetal position in shock. When you experience that you really consider UK weather as sunbathing the only difference one lasts longer than the other 🙂

All mid to late 2019 many would ask me what am I preparing for. I spoke about how I knew things. Shits coming to town and best you be ready I would say, many laughed whilst I kept on moving. 2020 arrived and here it came. Who’s laughing now I thought. Never be caught like that again is my advice.

Walking down the river 2 girls and a guy who made outspoken comment his ready I grinned whilst the girls told him to be quite. It was at that moment I knew shit has hit the fan. Looked up MSN news oh boy here we go right on time!

There are more things going on then you can comprehend just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it ain’t there. If we are all totally 100% honest with ourselves for centuries we have treated each other wrong and for granted so the last 8 months was needed on a global level. Be wise, Be smart always be ready for the unexpected!

I mention this as I’ve noticed some not many are slipping back into the comfort zone old ways of being.

No video examples as I love everything they all do this is no judgement on any just good advice.

However, saying that start with this video Starting Over number 103 and go back to see the full experience. Granted not everyone one will have the resources as they had, yet a great place to grasp it.

Eventually, I hope to deliver an overwhelming amount of me and the animal kingdom I don’t think there are enough people on the planet who understands it. Whilst to me and the animals it’s pretty clear. I’m not operating on 7 chakras I am running on all 12 chakras plus the 2 in my hands. Who knows maybe I meet bigfoot who emigrated sitting down have tea in our camp chatting about the good ole day’s or the loch ness monster giving me a lift across the water oh, yes! ha-ha


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