Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


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The Law of One Law of Alcyon The Great ALL.,

This is the all-encompassing law

all laws fall within this one law.

When this one law is kept all proceeding laws fall into place

the law of one is the law of the Great ALL.,

If you unlock this one law you unlock ALL laws.,

The great ALL is life and life is ALL

You cannot harm another without harming yourself.,

You understand what goes around comes around.,

What you think you attract, good or bad no right nor wrong.,

What you experience you create, nothing is good or bad, only a degree of perception one has chosen to interpret it by.,

What you chose you gave what you gave you received., So it returns in a different form, same meaning.,

The Great ALL is not male nor female yet the ALL encompassing Great ALL.,

If you harm another you harm the Great ALL which in turn harms yourself.,

Life is infinite you change bodies like you change clothes you remain the same, consciousness.,

ALL is one for ALL is the Great ALL., The Great ALL is life itself.,

Harming life in any shape or form words, thoughts, actions or intention, you harm the Great ALL which in turn harms yourself.,

You’re familiar with this law by what goes around comes around.,

Preserve life you preserve the great ALL, in turn, you preserve yourself.,

All roads lead to the Great ALL, however,

The path of service to ALL is the easiest path of ALL., by none the quickest route to the Great ALL.,


The Path of self is the hardest path of them ALL., The longest route of them ALL., Yet all roads shall lead you to the Great ALL.,

Thoth Of Alcyon.,


9:36 am 20th February 2020

Thoth Octave In Parnership With Golden Peaches Publishing

Thoth Octave In Partnership With Golden Peaches Publishing

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Book Publishing for Individuals and Companies.

Let’s suppose you always wanted to write your novel or non-fiction, you have a great idea we all do. It’s fair to say not everyone knows where to begin. It involves skill focus and determination.

Let’s suppose you don’t try because of not knowing where to start that one idea could be worth millions of dollars.

Missing out because no support could even cost your book a film potential. It’s fair to say even starting for the first time is the hardest phase. Without real planning or a technical team behind you it’s 50/50. Nobody wants to sabotage a million dollars. Also fair to say if your not in it, how can you win it.

Let’s suppose that book idea is important to you. It’s an opportunity for learning new things about yourself. That one idea can bring a feeling of fantastic achievement. It’s fair to say we all deserve it for ourselves to feel great and

succeed in new areas of life

Let’s suppose you wrote and we put all the artwork, book formatting even publishing. We manage all your technical needs with that one marvellous genius idea. Whilst you enjoy writing continue being creative. Would it be fair to say with the technical stuff taken care of you’d have one less thing on your worry list. Allowing more time feeling energised abundant and thriving with new book ideas.

We take care of your artwork, Formatting. Keyword research. Book description. Publishing on major stores. Physical and e-books as well listed on our website. We have two options available.

Would it be fair to say that one idea need not be forgotten or lost? With our service your idea can be realised and worth having?

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Thoth Octave are in the business of investing our efforts in creating new and old authors.

Welcome to Thoth Octave In Partnership with Golden P.e.a.c.h.e.s Publishing

We sell ebooks and Physical books. We Publish books for authors. We Ghostwrite journals, planners, Coaching tools and books for authors you imagine it we create it from start to finish. You own 100% copyright.

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