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Prepping Thoth Alchemy In The Wild Progress

Prepping Thoth Alchemy In The Wild Progress

Prepping Thoth Alchemy In The Wild ProgressLate November Christmas day into January I went around the streets looking for homeless people giving out 500 space blankets I had bought I chose to not pay my house rent for the reason we all are aware let’s not go there no-more. I kept 2 blankets for myself yet didn’t know why at the time. Now I can see why.

July 2020 I decided that’s it I’m leaving heading into the wilderness unknown began locating things I required. Progress when I began until today 31st July 2020 Almost there. 100Ft Para-cord showed up for some reason I first bought 3M para-cord when that arrived was in shock No I didn’t order 3 meters. Oh yes I did, damn I thought that was a good price ha-ha 🙂 Plus SAS Survival handbook both arrived today.

Last night I was looking over Dartmoor it’s a dilemma because I am making more work for myself going in the opposite direction only to eventually go the other way. It’s confusion city what direction first. Decided I won’t decide I walk out that night and use my internal navigation system as I did in the Middle East until one day locating a place to settle. I am going to journal my way and intend to have a book by the time I settle with all the wonderful adventures I gain along the way. One thing I am glad I’m not doing is making a decision and rushing out the door done that twice now 3rd time I learn better prepare to the best you can. Give nothing away to make use of what I have.

I changed the name of my YouTube Channel to I Am Thoth Alchemy In The Wild I hope to find a way back online and share my new way of life., Back with Mother Nature!

I won’t say when I am planning to do, that will place me in a rush and things are forgotten or left behind with that nonsense. A post on the blog will show up sometime after I left anywhere between 1 day to 10 days after.

I did 10 years straight day and night the other way certainly not going another 10 years that way. It’s OK I learned many things and that can only be a good thing. Time for a change and I welcome it no matter what it brings. In that time people tried hard to make an enemy of me when all I wanted was to be happy. It didn’t work I know in that you rise higher and I sink more. I’ve already spoken why it took me so long. In those last days I took my power back I found happiness inside me 🙂

I will say this though I already live beside mother nature a vast area I located a hiding spot out there and hidden a book covered in black waterproof material I know someday somebody will stumble on it. The universe will make sure it’s the right person who finds it 🙂 Can’t go without a gift goodbye that would be rude 🙂

This website might eventually vanish because I was stuck up a tree and couldn’t find access in time to renew the server ha-ha I’ve come to terms with all these things. It’s liberating to not care about material things. Back to basics, we go.,

The thrill of the unknown is a turn on I guess some habits are harder to break., 🙂

This song has always made sure that I never talk me out of it when there’s a delay period involved, It reminds me of what it took to reach this point of any point.,

You see the moment he stands on the edge and just allows himself to drop, 100% faith halfway he propels back upwards that’s the moment I am at right now. Fuck it I had swum through hells of fires deepest waters what else can happen that I had not already endured and walked. In that, I found peace and happiness. Stepping off the edge into the unknown eyes open 100 billion % faith in those above to catch my fall.,


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