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No tower is built equally.
Yet every tower was built to someday fall.,
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In 9 million years of evolution from Venus to Alcyon, we chose one thing that evolved us higher from A to B “Love of the Great infinite ALL,” No matter where we travelled no matter what we addressed as a race that was always our outcome. Thoth.,

Muslim women full hijab support

Muslim women full hijab support

Muslim women full hijab supportI just stood talking to my Muslim friend, Oh how funny can this all be the tables have turned, “You know nobody can ever tell you to not wear a full hijab in public now they all know what it feels like.
It’s important to us.
Yes, I know” what’s important to the Muslim faith is now important to the rest of the world since most covered their face. There is no difference, there is no exception.

Muslim women can wear full hijab whenever wherever they choose they have my full support.
If thee judge ye shall know what it feels like so, you can better understand that which thee judged story of the cosmos. The laws of Alcyon are no different. Mmm, delicious. The rights belong to each woman should they choose or not. Nobody has the right to decide what they shall wear or not wear.

What thee judge thee must experience, these are the laws of the universe.

a song for the worlds Muslim brothers and sisters.

Borders of perception have fallen.

I support all cultures all faiths all walks of life. A place in my heart exists for them all, as within so with the Great Infinite ALL


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