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Mission Possible, the final frontier

Mission Possible, the final frontier

Mission Possible, the final frontierDo you remember these videos?
Well, I’ve been busy under the radar gathering tools of the trade. Taking back my life and facing the final frontier.

Don’t misinterpret what’s on-site as me going backwards far from it. I made my decision it belongs to Saturn.

I decided I will create what I know best. Not waiting for anyone, to be honest. These are some tools that will help me achieve. Without a time destination. From what I can see I’m waiting on paracord and another firestarter.

Transparency is easy I’ve always given off the signs the only time I recall going secret was escaping to the middle east sneaking out the backdoor of the UK undetected. To end up on the missing person database tells me how good I am 🙂 Anything is possible who knows maybe I’m still on it, funny business I knew where I was ha-ha




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