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London to Scotland grab the bull by the horns and role with it

London to Scotland grab the bull by the horns and role with it

London to Scotland Yesterday the horse you see was caught up by a harness he was in trouble, he was running the risk of hanging himself. I took the photos then jumped over to help free him. I needed evidence, in case I got caught by patrol. After he was free, I climbed back a couple had been watching the man said nice one.

It made me realize what was more important helping that horse defined the meaning of life just knowing I was at the right place at the right time to help.

I knew I was leaving yet had no destination live off the land full survival mode.

Today I sold my laptop, so I can buy more supplies. I reached a point where material things mean nothing any more. Traded in my laptop for 100L British Army NATO Black Deployment Bag my tiny 30L rucksack was not fit for the job.

The mission is head into the unknown and find away back from survival I can’t see a way forward going down the same road. 12 Years of this road is long enough MasterMataz Brand began 2008 EasyGetMe Records began 2010. Those who claim never give up it’s Bullshit ignore that crap. sometimes you have to know when to quit and take a different road.

I’m leaving on a mission walking to Scotland. First head at the lake district hangs out there explores it all then move on towards Scotland.

Why am I doing this? I’ve lived here far too long without hot-water cold showers I’ve come accustom to. No real furniture. I’ve been doing nothing but survival with a roof. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions so fuck it, I’m not prepared to keep going down this road. I posted the statement on my home page now I can’t turn back I was honest did the same as what they did only I am open and honest about it. I hide nothing.

I plan to write about my journey as I move eventually settle somewhere and live a new life. I’m doing this with no money so means living off the land, I can’t kill animals so plants will be my main food source and roots, water from rivers and streams.

The fill the freezer challenge was more a test of how resourceful can I be in extreme circumstances.

If anyone wants to join my mission, you’re welcome I don’t think it will be easy it’s really survival at its extreme, and the end destination is unknown I don’t know where it will lead me. However, I know miracles come from this it’s how I chose the middle east journey into the unknown and blindfolded.

Is this where I thought, I would be? NO, in honesty not even what I want yet I have no choice stay and keep going through the same shit or walk into the unknown and hopefully something else will blossom from it.

If you’re interested in joining contact me, who knows? maybe we will take an island and start our own colony like Robinson Crusoe.

We are heading north, and winter is not far off so don’t be hasty know what’s ahead preparation is everything.

Friend at the army supply said, “Are you ready for this?” he meant mentally as Scotland is damn colder than London in the winter. Then again I survived the middle east sudden temperature drop in the desert during the night. That caught me off guard I wasn’t prepared for that surprise. Yet I lived.

I replied “I have to be, no going back now since my statement on site.” I hope some day to have a book if I ever make it back.

It’s full-on survival mode with no house to fall back on if shit goes wrong to do or die.

I wanted to try this with home-like others do on YouTube going off for 10 days then returning with video logs.

Not sure how I can do videos now no laptop but who knows anything is possible. If I can find a way, I will do it. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel who knows.

I will post when once I know I have already left I will schedule a post to show about 6 hours after leaving London.

If I had the money, I would buy land and live on it like homestead. Who knows if my books sell I might some day makes that a reality.

My post about Mission Possible this was my meaning creating my own adventure.

To those who made my life hell for the last god knows how many years, no hard feelings. I hope someday you get to see what you became.

Not sure how the horse achieved his dillema It was caught on his front hoof and his neck poor thing was littarely hanging himself every time he moved, i had to move fast and not think to much about if the other horses kick me, yet i sensed he realised i came to help so he helped a little by remaining still as i freed him. he gallop off with joy! Hey had one blue eye one brown quite unique horse. The other horse stood close by waiting for there friends freedom 🙂 You can’t see the brown horse he came close as back up once i was inside. I have a great bond with most of the horses they have shown me over the months there is more to life than we realise. Never gonna forget these horses they brought me such joy even though they did get me in trouble a lot with the lady patrol ha-ha yet it was worth it.

London to Scotland. London to Scotland. London to Scotland.





On a funny note I’m in the woodland adjusting myself to the environment gradually a guy shows up we talk asks me about girls and sex OK that’s normal guy talk then out of nowhere says can I give you a blow job. WTF no bro you can’t. God damn I said comes to something when I turning the heads of gay men. Luckily brother I’m not offended. If only girls were that upfront ha-ha

Another guy came walking through and he was off on his trail ha-ha note to self stay out of that section of the woods I think maybe some funny business going on in there.

Would that work on a woman he miss can I lick your rosebud? ha-ha

Now you have all the evidence you need your gov don’t give two fucks about you or your children. “Reunite The Entire British People“November 2019 was a mary poppins quote for sure. And pigs certainly do fly. End of topic.

If you want to support my mission I can only appriciate you the SUPPORT link is at the bottom of every page., One thing I learned today people around me are not offended by what I said on my home page so thank you!

If you do, comment “share” in the comment box and i will share your name as a supporter. With my thanks! Until I leave of course.


In my heart of hearts I know both my daughters will be proud I stuck to the truth even though it cost me in many ways i never foresee coming., I never quit the truth I never sold my soul., That I shall remain forever proud.,

Video is Becks, Mike and Miles from the lake district so that’s a glimpse of what’s ahead.

Appropriate music video. Sometimes in life you have to grab the bull by the horns and role with it., I live for adventure! If you know anything about Pisces and Capricorns well when fish get bored like i am of this BS thats called stagnant waters we swim away. Capricorn will lead the march into the unknown We will go where no man dares to step. Through any storm you can count on us we will go first.,

One of my biggest dreams in life was to one day become the new Doctor Who., However i will always know deep in my heart I was the original Doctor., They totally balls that up the minute they put a woman in my place. If I had the choice to choose my companion then Clara would return for sure. I would go 3 trillion years just to get her back. Beat that one Peter., 😉

Im’ never changing who I am 🙂

You took me to the church a billion times and spat me out

You made me your believer

I became Radioactive

I grew Wings then flew away

Everything ends and it’s always sad, yet everything begins again and its always happy! Be happy 🙂


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