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Living With Mother Nature Yum!

Living With Mother Nature Yum!

Living With Mother NatureI have just seen my destination what I will move towards.

First some reflection I’ve sat here watching so many videos on this topic every time a damn advert shows up I realise how fake that crap looks. Not to mention what I noticed yesterday I passed lidl shopping market and discovered so many sports cars land rovers all high priced cars I laughed how did I not notice that before. Expensive cars all parked in a poor man’s shop ha-ha it said everything to me. I guess my life ain’t as bad as I thought 🙂

People buy a car they can’t really maintain all about image look at me syndrome yet life is hard no doubt or they wouldn’t be parked in that shopping mall. How fake has the world become just to make it appear your worth something.

Hate to mention it that’s not worth that’s insanity. Reminded me of that old saying keeping up with the Jones. Anyway can’t believe people are doing this to themselves. I do however feel so much better about all this stuff. How comes they can’t see it?

I’ve been without a car for more than 10 years now and I’m glad walking everywhere has been a blessing. I recall jumping in the car daily to go to a local shop that was 100 meters away what an idiot I was.

How ironic more than 10 years ago I owned a Mercedz and BMW and I also went to lidl ha-ha I was fooling everyone most of all myself.

Anyway back to my destination watching this couple live off the grid was so inspiring to watch away from it all making their own world. It was real looks absolutely fun and both are creating together I can’t find anything more inspiring and real than that. That’s what I am going to hunt down along my journey. A place I can call home.

I have found my destination my goal and a purpose. Hope has been restored! Now I know what direction i’m heading for 🙂

I worked out how I can document the journey until i find a location to upload.

Thoth is going walkabout 🙂

I used to have a A4 photo of a mansion swimming pool beside me on my wall had it for years I told myself that’s my home i will one day meet. Yesterday I tore down, tore it up now I fully understand what people do to obtain those things. Nah thanks i remain true to my heart 🙂 I need never destroy another soul just to own shit. I would rather help a million horses because i was in the right place at the right time to help then ever go that route.

I think thats why all those software i bougfht over the years to help me be creative got formatted with my laptop gone no backup i didn’t even care. In my heart I could feel it 100% it was over. It felt cold yet carefree thats what i needed to have no emotion for it. 🙂

I’m heading towards a way of life not a day trip 🙂

I can feel their satisfaction and appreciation for life they created all this with their own hands so rewarding 🙂


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