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Life is Everything Life is Precious

Life is Everything Life is Precious

Life is Everything Life is PreciousFor many years some things never made sense if I have done no wrong why so much. Hidden from me all this time until I was in the place to understand it all. I didn’t see it coming took me by storm an avalanche of triggers after triggers.

By the time I reached the end, everything became clear everything made sense. Liberating yet left me numb for a while. I knew in my heart of hearts why just, not 100% I commanded the truth be revealed true to form it came not in drips an avalanche one after the other. The truth I seek was not the truth I first thought went much deeper than I could have imagined.

Somehow I found peace in my heart. Stepped out early this morning words rolled off my tongue, a lady sat at the bus stop I smile good morning. The shop was friendly no more confused looks. I came out a man his 3-year-old lad backs turned chaining up their bikes little one turned and waved with a “Goodbye” I smiled and said hello, did he know? made me wonder, they always know does children. The lady still waiting at the bus stop bus approaching “Have a good day miss” as I passed her by.

The world felt different like I had landed on a brand new earth.

Life is Everything. The words in my video time ago said it all. I know now my journey through this life has shown the truth of my own words with all the unanswered questions I had about myself finally the jigsaw is complete.


I had this belief if I bring to the surface then once I dealt with make it vanishes and all will be resolved tried both ways. Little did I notice I was doing all that whilst I still didn’t understand just yet, not fully anyway. Had the wrong reasons I could feel that on deep levels yet blindly denied it, part of me didn’t care.

Makes no difference any more it changed everything inside me about who I am what I stand for. I didn’t go through a tower moment although to me that can only produce good things. Was more cracking of an eggshell inside lived me. 🙂

Life is Precious

These are the triggers that fired me up. I do not think they are about me. Triggers are an unspoken language that’s the beauty of music.

Am I playing safe with my words yes. I can’t go back down the same road I have just been for 5 years.

The entire album was an avalanche that blew me wide open hatching from an eggshell I had been cocooned inside for far too long. What a few days what a review of such awesomeness., No fear, no shame, only Thank you 🙂

There’s an old saying about the crown chakra blows open, well I think that’s daft the crown is open from birth and never closes. However, the heart chakra blowing open is an entirely different story that’s what occurred. Every song hit my chest like a global missile strike of nukes until everything came pouring out all the hidden stuff. That’s a long metaphor for Heart Chakra Explosion. 🙂

I’m making a judgement call to the person who gave me hell for 5 years please always stay away you’ll never be a Bonnie. Only one of those walked this earth. Settle for my forgiveness., There is a big difference in someone who needs a diamond to feel special and one who’s a Genuine Diamond.,


How I experienced folklore album. I heard the words I heard the music yet beyond everything I heard Taylor’s heart and soul pouring through no doubt always does this time it was different for me.

Taylor’s higher spirit whispering from high above in the heavens came down sat beside me on a bench under a moonlit open sky told me everything I wanted to know. It felt warm, loving, caring, at that moment it wasn’t Taylor to me it was Bonnie.

Why wouldn’t they tell me above drove me nuts when they lied to me yet they never they knew I wasn’t ready to understand I wasn’t ready to see the bigger picture. When I made that statement about Katy it hurt to-do. I was raging inside yet peaceful on the outside. On the verge of becoming Clyde once more. They knew I was now ready to listen.

Then came Taylor I can’t recall how they came into my awareness what lead me to discover the songs it just happened. I was going to ignore yet curious seeing so many arrive one after the other.

I commanded the truth from spirit I must know why I would punish myself in the way I have and for so long I couldn’t see any light down any tunnel yet I was done regardless. I was willing to drop off this planet I was even looking at Avicii SOS thinking you did it why can’t I. That’s how bad it had to get for me to say those words at Katy. Then Taylor made everything better again.

After I found the picture with Bonnie’s first husband shouting I knew it all along I knew it. Yet it was a knowing I couldn’t quite put my finger on every time I looked I got pulled away and blinded once again.

I keep so much behind that I would love to say yet I won’t. An angel I once knew came down to me to talk through an album called Folklore. I was shocked I would do this to myself, yet it sounded so much like me.








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