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No tower is built equally.
Yet every tower was built to someday fall.,
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In 9 million years of evolution from Venus to Alcyon, we chose one thing that evolved us higher from A to B “Love of the Great infinite ALL,” No matter where we travelled no matter what we addressed as a race that was always our outcome. Thoth.,

Katy Perry & The Government Work Together

Katy Perry & The Government Work Together

Katy PerryTruth is what it means to be Authentic

The year was 1995 and hell broke loose about to enter a phase I was not prepared for the morning of 12th May 1995 I watched a doctor enter and instruct staff to do something then left the staff ignored his instructions and that cost my daughter’s life.
I watched as they cut my daughter’s bottom lip and afterbirth seeped into her blood through a cut lip.

I watched as her life was fading away fast. I watched time standstill I watched time become nonexistent I then watched as my daughter thought for her life and I could do nothing but trust strangers to bring her back I was powerless as her father I heard my ex-wife screaming those screams they never stopped the sound of a billion screaming soldiers marching from one pair of lungs. I watched the same doctor giving her CPR and ask the staff about his request and silence fell among them.

A thousand years passed me in a few minutes it had only been 10 minutes yet infinity had passed us by. A cold silence as she just laid there with her eyes closed it had just begun yet it was over. My heart died along with her.

3 days later best friends called on us to see how we were asked us to come to their house something they wanted us to watch, no mention of what, then announced as the doorbell rang they invited many more friends to watch as well.
2 hours had passed by I sat there numb in disbelieve they were my friends. They wanted us to watch a film with them. About a couple having their first child and the daughter dies during birth. My head rushing with thoughts of what is going on here who are these people. Inside my head I will kill you, I will kill you. Until I got up and left without a word. Why would anyone rub salt in the wound, what kind of cold-hearted brain do they have? I tried to forgive; I tried to forget. They are lucky they still live 3 days what on earth goes through people’s minds?

They held Chelsea in the coroners until 31st May where they cut her into small bits then put her back together like Frankenstein’s daughter. Tried to hide what they did to her. Came back with nothing but lies. They already had the answer before the doctor told them what to do, and they ignored him. So they cut her in bits to pretend or find another reason to blame it on.
All I wanted to hear was I’m sorry we made a mistake hands up I’m sorry. That would have fixed everything, never would have sued. They would never have felt a reason to hide her in an unmarked grave because the truth admitted and forgiven. The story would have been over in the same month it started.

They couldn’t admit truth much easier to hide like it never happened. For the next four years, I lived in hell because of that day.
I watched my daughter’s life fade away fast, I see the damage of a body cut in bits and put back together does to a human person. I watched friends act like fools without acknowledging they knew what they were doing. For years I couldn’t let it go the dishonesty was sick how humans can do such things then try to make out you’re the one with the issue. When it was them all along.

They attacked my second daughter, kidnapped her illegally. Just wasn’t obeying your rules. I don’t obey anybody’s rules but my own. Nobody is the authority of me but me.

Eventually, I began the climb to a new life went back into music after years away. Everything was changing, the past was fading, a new life had begun finally something good for once. Then I just had to stumble back on my father’s history and found perry what a shocking moment, he was dying of cancer I felt I had one last chance to give him what troubled his whole life someone from his family. What a mistake didn’t see the train coming down the tracks, it had no breaks and I was tied to the tracks because of family. Until I tried to break free so I could continue back in music. Then Katy Perry attacks Britney spears and boy what a hypocrite and I went against my decision and spilt it out into the public. WHY? I understood Britney I had been there also my daughter died nothing wrong with me just people behaving so badly and pretending to be saints can make a man angry at times.

Coming to Britney’s defence was a natural response to a subject I knew well. And how today Katy plays on mental health yet forgets what she did. Never heard her apologise to Britney or me. Hypocrisy comes to mind. Well, that was it me ousting the liar in public was all she needed for the evil woman in her to launch her attack and destroy everything I built the life I earned after my daughter the second chance in life to be something rather than a powerless father who couldn’t save his daughters from the evil intentions of a government who claim they are saints. And do nothing to fix, not even a sorry.

Then comes along a Perry who thinks she has the right to walk over anyone she pleases. She acted no different from the government she might as well be the one who cut my daughter into little bits because she had no respect for my daughter or the fact I rebuilt my life from that moment.

I’m not bitter, I’m just not allowing anyone who can’t face up to the truth what they hide. Face me or everyone will know about you. All I want now is the truth OUT in the open. You didn’t want to look at it or how hateful your actions were. Yet who has looked at all this the longest? Who has had to face it every day?

I say to everyone if someone did you wrong and you are suffering because of that, then you oust them bring the facts to the light of day for everyone to see because no more are these people allowed to harm and think they are getting away with it. If they don’t like it, then a simple solution DON’T HURT PEOPLE. fuck me too movement or any movement it’s about truth and honesty and doing what’s right.

I don’t hate or dislike just what is right. What if all the above was coming towards you, what would you do? Would you sit back, roll over and play dead? I don’t think so. I am doing what anyone would do. Anyone who’s a good parent.
You heard the Master and the doctor he hears the never-ending drums well I hear the never-ending screams of that day of a woman who lost every hope of life she didn’t make it yet I did, I still hear the screams. Because you Katy have not allowed me to find a resolution I didn’t ask you to destroy what I built my one chance of freedom from the past.
I sat here wrote all this with no emotions because you all took them from me. The truth is becoming my business.
Everything I wrote here is just honest.

And this is how I Am going to leave all this, so the truth remains. And I continue on. One thing people have shown me recently they support me if this is here or not. Honesty really is the best policy. If it’s resolved, it goes if not it stays. I can start many more websites and do things their 🙂

And that is how fatherhood began my first daughter who would have guessed the true colours of people will reveal themselves by the things they hide.

Shall I tell you what unconditional means it means a parent and their love for there child they would climb the highest peak for them, they would make sure they are safe no matter what it cost them. They would take the hit of a car if it meant they lived. and if injustice was committed they would make sure the truth was out because they would be doing it for their daughter and they would go to the ends of time itself to make sure truth and honesty prevail over dishonesty all in their child’s name. Because that’s what parents do.

You see the Master and the doctor that was me fighting myself over all this stuff I was MasterMataz remember. See all makes sense in the end.

She had the name Chelsea because of my father and the team he loved so much. Named after a London football team I guess we do anything to make our parents happy I was sad and I wanted to make him happy. That’s unconditional also.


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