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Jordan Peterson the similarities why both men experienced

Jordan Peterson the similarities why both men experienced

Jordan PetersonI don’t believe in coincidences; I posted Jordan Peterson and look what I discovered.

Here is a man who was highly influential, who for some would have top reason to silence him, and they did a wonderful job on him.

Now ain’t that strange same thing happened to me after my first and second daughter to suppress me from ever speaking the truth.

Everything I heard him say I can relate to. The day I broke free nearly killed me put me in the hospital yet I never looked back August 2012 the man they silenced by legal drug silencers lost the battle to keep me quiet from the world ever finding out what they did.

This is no accident. What Jordan experienced. It is not acceptable honesty is something to respect. If you don’t like what he had to say, or me then maybe don’t do the shit you create.

Jordan Peterson will make it back OK because I made it back means he can also anyone can. You can only suppress the truth for a while, it will always come back to haunt you harder next time.

Can you see the similarities why both men experienced this?

see Jordan right at the end that was once me. I have respect for people who are honest and who try to help others yet not those who think it’s OK to misuse power even the health system. Jordan might not understand why as much as I can see.

You see that’s what the British gov do to people whose child dies and then they kidnap the next then try to suppress you from speaking. Then have droopy knickers Katy Perry come and run over to finish the job. I hope that’s a clear picture. Katy Perry was an absolute fool for not seeing how she was being used.

For a long time, I was deceiving myself that Katy Perry was a good person wearing a mask, although at the core of every human lives goodness. Your core has grown rotten. I held on, hoping I can find the goodness. I see how I deceived myself.
People deserve to be treated well, others have no right. That I am coming to terms with. Yet I can only treat you as you treated I. Harsh words is nothing compared to your actions. Yet I remain open regardless that a genuine reason exists and I can sniff out BS like a hunting dog.

Example: SHG Manager came to see me lied through his teeth did nothing but lie yet I never let him know that I knew. Honesty is their responsibility.

Jordan’s words on this topic must be taken seriously. The hell he speaks is the same hell they put me through.


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