I see beauty at it’s finest unfolding before us. I’m excited

I see beauty at it’s finest unfolding before us. I’m excited

I see beauty at it's finest unfolding before us. I'm excited


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


Truly amazing time the opportunity has the beautiful unlimited potential, the future is purely bright with fresh eyes looking on. We know 100% what never worked for 1000’s of years we can all see clearly even if we don’t want to look, we can’t deny it any more.

Years ago I had a chance to really look in the mirror, the opportunity presented itself “Do you like what you see Mr?” the answer was clear No. Two options decay and fade out or change.

Here we are all together facing a fresh new opportunity of change if we all choose it.

We have unlimited opinions on why it’s happening. The more each day passes by I care not why or what, more wow look at the opportunity presenting itself for the first time in history How beautiful a time we sit among.

To finally look at all the things that never worked, only us as a whole who refused to change now we have an ultimate chance. Too late to point fingers it doesn’t matter, only change or no change will determine the best in all., Let’s assume it was Donatella from mutant ninja turtles fault. Well, turtle dude, I forgive you I love you, it’s OK to shit happens, now Donny boy want to focus on fixing? Great stuff! Basically we all took part on some level of aware or unaware conscious level. That’s true.,

I look at Hopi Prophecy do I personally think its too late for those who stuck to the selfish road, No anything is possible even with last-minute sudden change.

The very fact of seeing it choosing even at a worst-case point. The intent of that realisation and want to change must open a potential new shift. The difference I can envision the last minute old remain on a 100-year cycle where those on its opposite side will not experience such a cycle just an act of a new choice point.

It’s beautiful its refreshing everyone deserves that chance to redeem their ways regardless of history that I know 100%

I see beauty at it’s finest unfolding before us. I’m excited. I’m so glad I know what I know. I am so glad all the things that ever came before that teach me the difference of then and now and what comes next is yummy 🙂 Beautiful Times.,

I can remember it all, and there is not a single name I would say wait not you, we don’t want you. I would want all to see what I am and join.,

Best song that fits

Here it is I don’t care what you think you may or may not have done or when or how far in the past. Listen you are me as much as I am you and everything else you can see. Nothing compares to you even though for billions out there I’ve never seen you, or heard of you yet I do know you exist the mere fact I exist suggest you must. Nothing compares to you as a person, woman, man, a human being.  You’re awesome a miracle in waiting., that was, is and always will be., That’s you., you took your love away, yet since you been gone I can do as I please so here it goes I Love you humanity 😛 Nothing Compares to You., Forgiveness is easy, Love is easy, Unity is easy, Togetherness is easy. That stuff actually works., and it’s so damn easy.,

If you do choose differently then please leave me an eve at least so I can reboot things, Suppose I can change my name to adam one last time jeez Okdokie 😉

Now you continue on, me well I got a phone call to make 🙂

Oh yes! Watch! marvellous notice the audience reaction YET were they truly listening?

Simon said it was truly terrible he never said she was, in fact, he said this backing track was not working for you.

Simon is one smart dude, notice how we hear what we want or what we choose not actually what was said. The Importance of Listening! Continue on young lady your amazingly great! That one decision by Simon could be the making of her! He knows his stuff!