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I poked the Presidents daughter and I liked it

I poked the Presidents daughter and I liked it

Let's talk all things, Donald TrumpI love the man’s style (BS) I realised long ago he was one of the original game creators from ancient days came in to stir up the pot.

The game creators are hard to spot unless you know how to locate them.
When he showed up in Back to the Future ha-ha nice move dude. Relax Donald didn’t do that 😉 I knew he knew it. A guaranteed legend is born. Fuck, I thought this man knows he will be fun to watch as it unfolds. Who knows, I might get in on his trumpet myself. Donald, I hope you have some daughters.
If you’re an ancient game creator I am an ancient game creator, then who would be your daughters! Fear not where we locate one many shall arise.,

Do I like Donald love the dude, yet I will love his daughters more.
Is Donald a good man? If he is a game creator, then you’re on this planet because of great men like him he took the long route home.

Some education for humans to show up on earth, it took for many The Game Creators to come in from the heavens to create them and everything you see today. That’s your answer.

Did this man pay himself to the top no fucking way he created the way. That’s what The Game Creators do., Create the game, then mould into the Game hidden among all.
Donald need not announce himself., Thoth has you on speed dial., 😉

Check this badass funny yet who smiles the biggest the comedian or the audience how about Donald Trump ha-ha Cha-Ching!


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