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Hmm, Yes I’ll take one :)

Hmm, Yes I’ll take one 🙂

Hmm, Yes I'll take one :)Some people may think this be nuts somehow you have to lose everything to have nothing to understand to appreciate re-building something of real unique value.

I’m in deep wow over this man and his wife and the other video below it I see the early stages of the 50 years in the woodsman it’s looking at both you can build a vision of what’s truly possible. 50 years making love under the moonlight stars. I’m sold.

I was haunted for many years forced to watch little house on the prairie I didn’t get it, Big ass yawn can we switch the channel now? I wanted fast cars giant homes big ass aeroplanes what’s this shit to teach a young lad. Now I get it I see the value in it all. Community, togetherness, unity, the greatest place to be mother nature.

You have to learn the harshest things to value the preciousness of life and all its beauty., I look at the old guy and can see why he so damn happy and then the young couple just look at the happiness.,
Learning fast you have to own a little bit of land somewhere.

Hmm, Yes I’ll take one 🙂 Scotland would be nice!


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