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Giveaway 12 hours of positive affirmations for free

Worth £69 thou-est for FREE if thee own one of the following ebooks or physical book as from 2nd June 2020 onwards and upwards Amazon only. No scarcity tricks or lies of limited-time only. Relax take thou time take back thou power. Open and transparent for all.Giveaway 12 hours of positive affirmations for free

Book Choices

Alcyon 2: Thoth The Eternal Blue Flame
Confessions of a Bodyguard: Operation Pure, The Hero’s Last Stand 18+Only
Master Energy Universe Cookbook
Twin Flames Love is Blind: Are You Ready For The Truth?
Coaching: Client Action and Accountability Planner (Coaching Tools)
Do You Remember Wedding Planner
Golden Age Wisdom Keeper
Prime Creator The Divine Mother

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Once confirmed I will send thee all audio files for 12 hours of positive affirmations ranging across many subjects for free for thee to keep forever. Personal use only.

USE THIS FORM TO CONTACT US SELECT FREE GIVEAWAY DEPARTMENT. State thee wish to claim thou-est free 12 Hour Affirmation Pack.

Thee can find more information about the 12 hours of positive affirmations here

Examples taken from our affirmations see videos below


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