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No tower is built equally.
Yet every tower was built to someday fall.,
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In 9 million years of evolution from Venus to Alcyon, we chose one thing that evolved us higher from A to B “Love of the Great infinite ALL,” No matter where we travelled no matter what we addressed as a race that was always our outcome. Thoth.,



Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


Brand New 2D Game added Level 1 so far. No name as of yet.,

Sena's World

Download Coming Soon

DownloadWindows o/s:

Download game: Once unzipped inside the Sena folder you will find PLAY GAME.exe

The Updater will be working on the next update.

File download size 695MB

No installation required run and play.

Sena’s World Beta Demo Version 0.1

Game is free to play whilst in development.
Currently has 5 levels with 1 more level built in the sky with 8 to 9 proceeding worlds all in the sky like an Avatar world currently working on.

If you’re interested in testing and giving feedback or any ideas for new things.
We will include your names in the credits as Beta Developers the more feedback you give the higher your name is shown in credits.

Current Bloopers Level 1 and 2 you’re loaded with a ray gun. If you make it to level 3 may god shine a light in your direction we forgot to give you a ray-gun, it’s best you start running there are some monster rabbits on the loose who have learned how to use ray guns, Level 3, 4 and 5 may the force be with you no line of defence makes one Knackered Shay all that running sure will keep you fit.

Considering leaving level 4 as is no real goal apart from start running we land you in front of a hungry rabbit your mission is to get off that mountain and find the teleporter to safety.
Should we give back a line of defence on level 3 and 5?

Good Luck and remember the force is always with you.,

Feedback posted here select Game Beta Tester

Currently on Windows only.

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