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fuck buddies an uneducated error

fuck buddies an uneducated error

fuck buddies an uneducated errorFinally, a big reason one would be wise where they stick it or take it with sex sleeping with anyone is a dodgy game.
5 years ago a girl wanted to be fuck buddies, we did that for 6 months. Until I saw what was occurring.

When this began she had just walked away from her partner who died, she carried all kinds of grief now she wants to catch up with all she missed out on.

The next 5 years my daughter was dug up from her grave because I slept with a random girl. When you sleep around or with the wrong partner, you take on all their past and present baggage.

If I never would have done that, then the dead would never have been re-awoken. Yet in that time others played on my daughter’s death abused her name her meaning and yesterday’s post I do not regret that was me ending it with the truth of who they are. And me making sure I am closing the damn door.
I went through all those years fixing my life from my daughter’s death only to have 2 females trash her meaning and all I had achieved. 1 girl my choice the other girl evil intended. The woman has lost her way, she deceives herself.

The system taught both men and women sleeping around was a good thing that’s an uneducated error.
If it took me 5 years to clean out that crap of another girl, just one girl. What would sleeping with 50 girls or men in a year do to a person?
Pun intended the system has screwed you over. Kept secret what damage it can cause.

I protect the first girl’s name she had no understanding of the dangers. The other girl you know who I am speaking about.
Be wise, choose carefully not every woman is the same yet the signs are clear.

first girl my choice she is excused, the other no excuses disgusting intentions are what they are, clean your act up because right now you know whats galloping towards you in life at some stage.

if you want to move that mountain of baggage you collect, then best you clear it, it can take 5 years, not clearing it stays with you forever causing all kinds of issues in your life until you pass it down to your own children. you’re not the way you are because what you were told.

For those not educated in the wisdom of the heavens, This is Saturn gearing up the engines building up speed to a showdown., began 2 days ago gets tougher reaching a peak in september., then spin around and come back for the second serving., If you have been dishonest in your dealings with others Saturn has your name on its list no escaping time is running out.,

Now that is real sex education 🙂


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