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Five erotic stories.

Series 1

Fantasy Boat Girl: A hot local boat girl plays havoc on his perverted mind.

Assassinate the Hot Nerd: Jake is a hired government assassin hired to take out a ministry of defence hot nerd in Paris France when his vow not to become involved is shattered.

Series 2

Secret House Wife: Two friends and work colleagues go on an unusual date as friends to horse-riding event when their true intentions for each other are revealed.

Conjure A Creative Man: A woman creates a magic spell conjuring her desires in a man who appears in her physical reality, awakening her to another reality.

Series 3

Spark Of Bravery: Erotic scenes between an Iraq war hero and now bodyguard Jake who seduces Sarah a famous celebrity at the top of her game or was it the other way around? If you’re interested in the full story of Jake and Sarah read Confessions Of A Bodyguard: Operation Pure. These are the sex scenes between them both found inside the full-length book.

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Erotica As You Like It: Assassinate the Hot Nerd – Fantasy Boat Girl

Erotica As You Like It: Secret House Wife Conjure a Creative Man

Erotica As You Like It: Spark Of Bravery

Erotica As You Like It: Volume 1 Box Set

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