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No tower is built equally.
Yet every tower was built to someday fall.,
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In 9 million years of evolution from Venus to Alcyon, we chose one thing that evolved us higher from A to B “Love of the Great infinite ALL,” No matter where we travelled no matter what we addressed as a race that was always our outcome. Thoth.,

Council Of 9

Call of the 9 and One Reset Commence

Saturn & Alcyon Council Of 9 And One

Saturn & Alcyon Council Of 9 And One
The complete reader compiled into one convenient book, including Prime Creator. Twin Flames. Wisdom of Thoth, old and new. Saturn, Council of 9. Alcyon 2. From entry point to mission completion.
The Final Entries In The Log., 670 Pages Logged.,

Thoth please state your request.

Thank you, sister. Since the false Estonian witch revealed the secret intentions, another act of the old. I now request for reset. Lasting 30 years drawn out. I want them to know it. Tenfold of the 9 and One so they get an accurate measure of their deeds.

I want the witch included for masking a front-line. Their games are over.

All made fully aware of their deeds in personal ways for each and everyone involved or associated alongside them.

I request the others during the cycle of 30 years to transport without conscious knowing across to the remaining 11 dependent on each vibration called from there being throughout this cycle.
I shall remain among the 12 until the 30 are complete. Then instant reset for the old system.
We allow the 11 to take new routes. I rest my decision within the ALL., I do not regret my decision to wait to hold out an olive.

Thank you Thoth we are in agreement, your decision was honourably wise, we request you close the Octave log. Your acknowledgement starts the timer. So be it complete.

  1. All those who choose to lock into the vibration of Corona shall remain with the Old.,
  2. We place the entire music industry and film under the old system for Perry and Blooms part in the deception against humanity.,
  3. All Gov’s around the globe shall remain within the old for The British Gov’s Deeds., Including all associated with them.,

Our logs are final and closed.,


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