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Corona Benefits and Blessings

Corona Benefits and Blessings

Corona Benefits and BlessingsA time of self-reflection, an opportunity of greatness in multiple areas.
Whilst many see the doom and gloom I searched for the benefits, I found plenty that changed me, made me grow. One such benefits were learning how to teach me how to cut my hair considering was a monthly trip sometimes sooner to the hairdresser.

First came the challenge no hair clippers waited they arrived I began teaching myself I didn’t want to run over the top and cut all same length as a lawnmower did that years ago never liked. I want what the hairdresser does if he can cut my hair then so can I do my own.

I took it slow, constantly checking all around until I did it. Then I realised if I trim often, I wouldn’t need to spend as much time shaping and cutting.
One time I messed up so levelled it and wore a cap for a while then began again.

Now that hairdressers are open yet today I thought how can I go back knowing I can quite easily achieve it myself all it took is time nothing more. The satisfaction that comes from knowing nobody did it for me, I achieved all by myself. Thanks to corona! Cha-Ching!

The cooking I don’t cook pies never have never made pastry yet lemons required turning into lemonade for sure. I will learn and learn fast. The veggie mixture with spaghetti was what I knew best.
That song when the going gets tough the tough get going. Profound lyrics billy ocean. Yet we all had the greatest opportunities in the last few months to grow and develop in areas never considered we all had the same circumstances. I can see the real growth came to those who lived independently with no one to hold their hand.

Whilst many see the fear I see wow awesome now what can we try!

To me, a challenge is when I go out in summer dressed all in black, long black overcoat in sweltering heat and sweat pouring down my face and just sit in a cafe and drink coffee as I know I will heat more. Why is a blessing? If I can maintain harmony and balance with many people around me during extreme conditions, even when those in shorts and t-shirts lose their heads because heat got to them, I remain cool, then I have achieved what I set out to achieve. Sat among eyes of judgement or confusion that intensified my mission of success that was me the last 4 years before June 2019 come winter, I lose clothes to feel the chilly weather and last it out. All was just growing me from the inside out. Solidifying the inner man.

Corona came along areas I had not looked at before taking for granted that I had 2 hairdressers. To me, Corona was a blessing in disguise. We grow and evolve or we fade and hide.,

If we are not seeking to grow in those moments than what are we doing. I laugh at myself, I could have done all these months before this went down. Activating old wisdom and learning new. I didn’t have a reason, and Saturn showed me a damn excellent reason.

If you can’t see the benefit, look back and notice what you did that you never achieved alone before, that you did so greatly during corona now you can see. I don’t feel I’m the only one. I think hairdressers are safe I didn’t see many do as I had more lawnmower man came to town to me that’s easy no growth in the hedge cutter.

I am an optimistic optimist., How did you weigh in before round one began? How about now.,

I had a better haircut than Boris and Trump put together I had no excuse what was yours? 😉 Relax ladies I’m not picking on you pointing out facts as you do on a hot delicious day like today feeling the heatwave bubble. if you want a haircut I will be happy to assist leaders don’t leave there men to mop and ruin in a time of need 🙂

Trumppppppppppppppp I can feel you giggling to yourself in the oblong office stop it. 😉 BTW the small lamp desk on your right do a legend a favour old chap, make sure nobody goes near it my tardis is cloaked, theirs a good chappie! Oh, and stay out of the oval office it belongs to my new wife you know your daughter., and Biden relax his tomorrow’s dinner. 😉

Did you know Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill both had time to cut their hair during battle that’s why leaders back then went on to become legends they make no excuse., Some awesome known history 🙂

The phone rings

Sir, have you seen what Thoth has said now?

Yes, we have.

well, are we going to continue letting him make nancy boys of us?

what do you want me to do, the man spoke the truth, the best we can do is bullshit our way through it and ignore him.

Besides we went to a lot of effort placing the world in our debt with loans, what do you want a lynch mob on our door. the people belong to us now, ignore him.


What, don’t stress me I need a haircut

You’re finished WTF am I working for you for, Seeya I am joining the eye of the tiger” DIAL TONE……………………..

I truly was the one that got away that makes this cap king of the fucking hill.,singing hippyia back down the mountain we go!

It was the creation of one song that made history! 🙂 as did the book written many years before the titanic did sink the book spoke of a big huge ship that crashes into an iceberg with similar names a SciFi story becomes manifest and the titanic was born and sunk just has the book had been written., Be careful what you wish for even in song 😉 Just ask Trump back to the future 😉 dum dy dum da dum! Blessings of Corona YUM!



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