Thoth Octave are in the business of investing our efforts in creating new and old authors.


Welcome to Thoth Octave In Partnership with Golden P.e.a.c.h.e.s Publishing

We sell ebooks and Physical books. We Publish books for authors. We Ghostwrite journals, planners, Coaching tools and books for authors you imagine it we create it from start to finish. You own 100% copyright.


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


Thoth Octave In Parnership With Golden Peaches Publishing

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The Voldemort’s Reign Transfer Process & Agreement.,

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  3. You acknowledge you agree to pass the Voldemort’s Reign/Flu or cold over to Thoth allowing Thoth to transmute the Voldemort’s Reign off planet back into the Great Infinite ALL. You are free from harm or lawsuits. Thoth understand fully what he is doing, and you shall not be held responsible in any shape or form.,

    Nobody has the power to override this agreement. That’s for your own peace of mind., The Great Infinite ALL and the Consciousness known as Ra, members of the Law of One fully support Thoth., Any virus that transfers through me cannot escape back into this reality once inside me it’s sealed and sent to Ra.,

By requesting my help you accept the above. We are here as a solution to work along side the health system not to replace it.,

You fully understand if you have doubts this will not help the transfer we must have your full cooperation.

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