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Bonnie & Clyde I came a long way to demonstrate a way of being

Bonnie & Clyde, I came a long way to demonstrate a way of being

Bonnie & ClydeWhat I came all this way to teach by example can be seen and heard in the below videos.

Long, long ago Bonnie & Clyde took lives on many loved ones of others. They took revenge. Wiped us both out in a blaze of glory. Now came the ultimate test of tests amongst tests of triumph and inner strength.

Clyde decided I got Bonnie into this mess I shall free us both., Before returning the council said, “Thoth, do one at a time over multiple cycles.” They knew I could do it yet they knew what was involved. “No, it has to be this way give it your all I’ll be fine.

Thoth re-enters waiting patiently for them to take those he loved dearly, returning the deeds, Clyde swore to never take revenge. Knowing what was coming didn’t minimise the pain that was the point. The 2nd coming to the story of Bonnie & Clyde., An error destined to be corrected., All was corrected for Bonnie the moment I chose my fate.,

The stakes murder, bank robbery, kidnapping, car theft. Oh, poop I guess I’m taking a long way around. OK get to work. One daughter dead the other kidnapped, Robbed of everything I owned or would come to own. Aged 16 couldn’t help myself I hotwire a ford cortina with a V8 engine inside continued for 10 years until fuck it, that’s how I learned to drive seems I am a natural I wonder where I got that skill from 🙂 let’s take a test then they stole my license for no reason shit you certainly took your time on that one. Not to forget having a high ranking police officer as an uncle oh, fuck I better behave.

What a mess Clyde you created. For many years the families would gather once a year flying across the planet USA, Spain, Cambridge to London the meeting began a clockwork circus of events synchronising watches to meet as one. In between cousin maverick the top gun Fighter Jet pilot would ride in on that beast of a bike to check in that all was going well if he wasn’t in the air taking out bogies in the skies he would ride the waves of the world on a bike.

The year he got the beast you would think he just parked a fighter jet outside. Off comes the helmet “ha-ha dude you gotta stop watching that film” “hush Thoth, jump on,” charging back in, fuck not sure I like the passenger experience. “Boy would that beast of came in handy way back when” mumbling under my breath “What?” “Nothing just thinking out loud.” “So what do you think?” “I guess you gotta hunt down Charlie now ha-ha” “Ha-ha you’re too funny Thoth.

November 2012 Clyde returns from the far east by December I have to do the rest alone now I knew I had to leave. Those meetings were to never to happen again with me present as they did for all those years. Time to put me big shorts on. I knew what I had chosen.

Every so often pulled back by an invisible rope tied to my father tug, tug tugging, oh this is going to hurt big time the bank robberies were coming in building up momentum 2015 curtain reveal lights camera action the bigger it became damn did we do that many so long, so long, come on get a move on already, taking twists and turns becoming too much to deal with so many hurt and left behind me, why him? couldn’t you have chosen somebody else? I guess we lost count of banks.

Watching him suffer the way he did. Now it was tieing back into my daughters everything I loved (Hold up I don’t recall the Federal Reserve why you linking everything together we done that already, hitting me with all at once) Oh, OK I got it, I’m doing this for us both that’s what I chose right. I wanted to quit many times. I knew someday those destroyed would all understand why. Hold in there Clyde you almost home remember why will help you get through it.

OK, I guess we got there in the end ha-ha 🙂

We reached the end of thou-est story.,

The year was 2015 someone began working out things and getting the wrong answers at the same time. My heart belonged to Bonnie in an unforgettable ending never can my heart be free until I complete my correction.,

They sat me down told me they were leaving today she sighed “I must be mad to do this” They believed someone else was in my life, never asked me and never true. I replied “Yep” I nodded with a grin. I couldn’t love her or anyone really. I knew today was coming when we worked on the song Trouble spelling out her assumptions in the lyrics. That was that. Never looking back began clearing energy.

Clyde continued his mission being tricked along the way the end felt close. When that day comes I will be free. Something new I anticipated the arrival. A clean slate. Freed forever of ours and their deeds. Releasing Karma., The world is my oyster anything new is possible now., With the other soul you played me I played you we are even., The rest you did onto yourself., You’re Released and forgiven.

You got yourself to blame you chose to walk over for financial gain with the most unfuckwithable duo in history, maybe do your homework next time.,

“Suprise Guess Who”


In the great city of KEOR on the island of UNDAL,
in a time far past, I began this incarnation.
Not as the little men of the present age did
the mighty ones of Atlantis live and die,
but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew
their life in the Halls of Amenti where the river of life
flows eternally onward.

A hundred times ten
have I descended the dark way that led into light,
and as many times have I ascended from the
darkness into the light my strength and power renewed.

Now for a time I descend,
and the men of KHEM
shall know me no more.

But in a time yet unborn will I rise again,
mighty and potent, requiring an accounting
of those left behind me.

The ultimate plan of plans, what does teach by example look like? The hardest path the hardest lesson the greatest victory!

Mission complete time for something new 🙂

Sad moments, painful moments, happy moment, outstanding iconic moments to holy fuck moments., Never looking back in shame yet cheer and triumph and all things between.,


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