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Bonnie And Clyde accomplished the greatest karma

Bonnie And Clyde accomplished the greatest karma

Bonnie & ClydeSuch an excitement running through my veins I had to do it and watch for days I told myself don’t look. Yet the feeling I have accomplished the greatest karma. Someone said Thoth don’t ever go back you did it! I know, I know, no fucking way ohsey.

I feel it on every core cylinders firing all systems Thothy! The greatest karmic overhaul

Some people come in to deal with one thing then take the rest on in other cycles, not I nope let’s go ninja style and do the lot. No lives to unravel any-more why would I ever want to go back to all that stuff of the last 30 years I’ll skip thanks.

Last night an orb appeared direct in front of me that’s not happened that way before. I was like hello what do you want, who goes there. Then during the night, my sensors alerted me waking me up I could feel the energy behind watching me what people call evil spirits. I turned “Oi fuck off your BS don’t work on me, now run before I banish you down a black-hole for eternity” turned back over to sleep 🙂

Well, I figured that was coming.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane reminding me why I took on the greatest pain the earth has known as me Thothy. Every moment every heartache I felt it was worth it to fix the error of a lifetime.

An overwhelming feeling of your a proud legend!

I guess I needed to watch that more then I realised. I can see the things of stuff never spoken about making so much sense to a lot of my own questions. (Gone But Not Forgotten) same words on my daughters grave. I had no idea why I never remembered. Heart-wrenching sad, I could go on all day. It doesn’t matter any more.

Last observation still the govs don’t take responsibility that part was clear some things never change ha-ha As long as we did 🙂

I’ll never regret the path I took to correct that’s solid in my heart. Released now. Happy from here 🙂 Feels so much lighter already!

Updated 9:33am 04.08.2020

Just hit me why my surrogate nan Katheleen Lorna Middleton told me the stories of Machine Gun Kelly would rest up in their family home in Boston MA bouncing Katheleen on his knee. Very persistent I knew this story I didn’t fully understand why now I do.

That’s real love and dedication from both sides for you 🙂


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