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No tower is built equally.
Yet every tower was built to someday fall.,
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In 9 million years of evolution from Venus to Alcyon, we chose one thing that evolved us higher from A to B “Love of the Great infinite ALL,” No matter where we travelled no matter what we addressed as a race that was always our outcome. Thoth.,

If you wanted to own the world and everything inside it how would you go about it?

Create a pandemic getting everyone in fear. Then give them all money to be the friendly guy. Now every company that takes is potentially yours. When they can’t repay and we make sure we make that hard. Then we take away their company. Now the world belongs to us.
That’s one excellent way.
And the lambs went so willingly to the slaughter and they said they were not asleep.,

Katy Perry & The Government Work Together

Katy PerryTruth is what it means to be Authentic


The world wants to know Boris Johnson. How are you going to respond to the one named Thoth?

I serve my notice on you a 30 year refund and more. I instruct nor hide behind no man or woman I standalone I require nobody to hold me up I am built on a solid foundation the true heart of a man how about you. You will find no hate in me, only love for all these children. How about you? Now you know the meaning of a father or do you?

Are you afraid of the unarmed man?

Reveal to the world who you truly are.,

Happy Monday to you 😉

Muslim women full hijab support

The rights belong to each woman should they choose or not. Nobody has the right to decide what they shall wear or not wear.

Borders of perception have fallen.

I support all cultures all faiths all walks of life. A place in my heart exists for them all, as within so with the Great Infinite ALL


Do you know my meaning?

But in a time yet unborn will I rise again,
mighty and potent, requiring an accounting
of those left behind me.
Then beware, O men of KHEM,
if ye have falsely betrayed my teaching,
for I shall cast ye down from your high estate
into the darkness of the caves from whence ye came.
Betray not my secrets
to the men of the North
or the men of the South
lest my curse fall upon ye.

Never give my wisdom to the men of Orion or the men of Draco.


Dear Residents of the United Kingdom,

You have been offered loans, grants and whatever from your Gov. for something you had no control over or even created. Take the money enjoy the money. You do not have to pay back a single penny. You have NO Responsibility whatsoever to repay. The Gov. does not take Responsibility for their actions, YOU HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY AS WELL. There are no double standards. Whenever you need to quote my name and story, you have my blessing.
Congratulations People.

UK Gov Union Jack Shit “Click me B’cus I’m Sexy With It”


If you think I am intense, what if everyone you ever harmed woke up? Then what smart ass than what?

Let’s help the people out more. Who is the judge under admirals law? The Admiral himself Read More See where the rabbit hole takes you. If you can find the meaning behind the words, they use which is how they trapped you to make them rich on you as cattle livestock. Fire your damn lawyers, they are part of the deception. YOUR CORPORATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE SCANDAL Your not a number, oh yes you’re. why did I change my name forget that ask what I did to them I burned them in flames? Did you read correctly I said Them I had 2 both different names and none belonging to me Thoth., Dig deep down the rabbit hole, Alice. PROVE ME, WRONG.,


Why a birth Certificate? Birth= Canal where do you find a canal on the water.

When a corporate company or business sends you goods what do they do? shipment where do you find a ship? On water.

Where does the court judge sit on the bench? What does bench mean Bank? Where do you find banks by the water, river banks? Why are banks called banks, are you getting the picture?

A mother gives birth who is she under water law, the merchant who delivers the goods the baby lets seal the deal with a birth certificate.

When you testify in court what are you really doing? Testify means testical got you by the balls, mate.

Since your laws are fake and fraudulently on the people of this planet, you deceive them all.


A lady who was given British citizenship on arrival in the UK from Europe, EU. What did you say? Yes.

Then tells me you never wondered why simoleon immigrants all have the same birthdate?


UK Gov Union Jack Shit

If it’s on all of us then why are the people expected to pay you a date later down the road, if it’s on all of us.  Free money on you and later the pain and struggle is on them. Don’t treat people like fools.

Credit means debt, you reap the rewards later and the people’s struggle longer. Is that really on all us? Is that really unity? NO. We are not in this together; they are all being led to the slaughter like lambs. Shame on you.

All those years of the Gov telling people lack of funding and like magic they pull out a pot of gold to help you ha-ha

Now tell the people why you stay away from me, why you try to bring my life down in secret using BS using minions to do what you can’t do.

Because that question is on everyones tongue who meet me.

Wait, I will help you. Because what you did happened, its pure truth, how can you defend yourself against such actions, the people will walk away from you. So best ignore this dude hope he will go away.

Corona has been your attempt to win them over and demonstration of your power over them and get them all clapping like clowns, an excellent demonstration of the hold you have on them. SIMON SAYS.

June 2019 for one month I camp outside carrying signs the Gov Kidnapped my daughter and cover up my daughter’s death. Take responsability.

What was on the people’s tongue, “Why is he allowed to say and do this outside their building City Hall? Why they not move him?

I up my level and add Katy Perry to the sign.

See how clever these people can think! To have such questions.
Justice Andrew McFarlane found the Gov guilty and ordered them to fix. Then allowed a pretend court to take place in a company building now releasing the guilty, freely commit their crimes again and they did. They came back and ran over my daughter a second time, making sure they finished my family. And Justice McFarlane did nothing. Defend that one.
How am I doing Boris Johnson you’re a father now do you want a chat? or shall we continue.,
I went to my lawyer told her to inform Justice Andrew McFarlane what’s happening; she said nothing. Anna Marie Whelan. Barnes and Partners. They all earned wealthy millions on every Tax payer in the country to destroy an 8 year old girl called Cheyenne.
What’s changed since then a lot I don’t play simon says. I am no longer blind, I can see you for what you’re., I can think for myself, I am the only authority on me, and so much more…

If you are so honest and trustworthy why have you not brought your ass forward and talked to resolve? Do you need my help to answer that one also?

A message from Saturn less people working means more people online learning the truth about you. Here is a question for you. Have you ever wondered why and how a name like Katy Perry could get mixed up in all this?
Did that one take you by surprise?
Were you that blind to Saturn?

The Cannon and the Gunpowder

Why did they FEAR Him?., Those who engineered, guided all Fear Who?.,

Thoth Council Of 9 And One

Who is Thoth

One, The ALL.,

One who has no hate, can never be hated.,
One who has trust in self, shall have trust within all.,
One who can describe the Great Infinite ALL with such detail, comes to a point of no-thing.,

One who has found nirvana, shall fall deep within the dark unknown void.,
One with ego, shall know many creative endeavours among the dance of the Great Infinite ALL.,
One who knows a narcissist, shall come to know themselves.,

One who has obtained infinite love, shall be loved by all, known and unknown.,
One who knows Karma, shall come to know themselves at trillion times ten again and again.,
One who comes to know self, shall know them all, as ONE Infinite ALL.,

And the new cycle new phase begins

Thoth Of Alcyon., 22nd April 2020. 23:50pm


My creative thinking process comes via the Law of One.,
I am a walk-in who came to the earth system 19th January 1982 from Alcyon 12th Dimension “Octavus” to the constellation of Taurus among the Pleiades Family., Thoth., One of the sitting members of The Council of 9 and One., Formerly known as The Saturn Council Of 9.,

To understand who Mu was, see our old world history book The unedited version raw details. Wisdom Of Thoth made for future teachings a guiding light of the future., That which shall never be walked.,

Or Visit IAMTHOTH.COM For Full Details.,


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


I don’t channel for I Am here present and there at the same time never separate or apart from self I have no perceived higher-self for I Am that also here present and correct complete within self.

Yet what I teach, how I teach, is not what you have been used to. Living among you for many years, never understanding your ways of being yet playing along with you all the same. This system called the earth is foreign to self.

We of Alcyon communicate and travel through thought in an instant we become, that’s the meaning behind in the Blink of an eye. Another way to explain if you receive intuition thoughts from spirit then consider you know already how we communicate so easily.

We have travelled to the farthest reaches of known and unknown space. Yet none compare to the earth system., some might feel beyond the stars must be barbaric entities yet we say not so. There is no known system among the skies that has ever needed an avalanche of sprits entering a realm all within a short time frame. No place like the earth needing help.

Long ago, beyond the imagination of perceived time, we once came from the planet Venus, a neighbour of yours, yet never from the earth. You recognise Venus as Love this would be correct. Alcyon sits among the pleiades also Love much higher than Venus once were, evolution moved us up the octave separating from our brothers and sister of Ra. Never separate always moving through a different perspective of understanding. Travelling in the same direction as always.

The wisdom of Thoth Emerald Tablet long ago was not me living upon the earth system they were sent via thought vibration that’s how the information was given yet never did I walk these steps upon your ground. I gave this away in one of our talks with Young Mir “The Wisdom of Mir”

Last, Armenti some believe it means the hallways of the dead even inner earth. Yet I tell you my meaning was not so, Armenti is a human perceived word “filtered” Armenti relates to how we travel as mentioned above “Thought” Armenti would be the neuro pathways within your brain the corridors of the mind (Halls Of Armenti) Joe Dispenza has a good understanding speaks well of the Halls of Armenti be it, if he knows that he speaks of the halls.

A few years back I travelled the halls looking for the best candidate to announce my entrance. People listen to Tarot readers more now than ever, who better! (That I Thoth Walk among you.) Preparation. Tarot readers are the best because they are open to anything and everything, not all are aware of the council of 9 who looks over your system when we deliver we are easily passed off as a spirit of light they ask only that who serves the greatest good allowing us to enter as spirit. All within our boundaries of a freewill system.

We are form and formless shape and shapeless, manifest, unmanifest, being and spirit. Named and nameless.

With religion, we believe and love and accept them all, for their lives room for all. Within the Great Infinite, ALL.,

Earth The System I chose not to enter and came, anyway.

As a first timer on the Earth system what do we on Alcyon think about your performance so far, well I guess best to use your words to describe. A neurotic obsession with pain and control, exciting and damn right foot loose at other times. fundamentally alien to your true selves calling for outside help failing to notice who stood starring back at you within the mirror. If we use our own understanding, then simple “We Love You.” we need only 3 words.

You may ask how can one go through so much in 30 years and not have hate for them? I tell you with all the love of the infinite ALL, if I had any hate inside me I would not sit among the council of 9 that is guaranteed. I earned my seat. When Prime Creator the Divine mother whispered these words, I came to the earth willingly for my reward was high.


The Law of One., Alcyon Collective Embodiment To The Great Infinite ALL.,

This is the all-encompassing law., All laws fall within this one law., When this one law is kept all proceeding laws fall into place the law of one is the law of the Great ALL., If you unlock this one law you unlock ALL laws., The great ALL is life and life is ALL., You cannot harm another without harming yourself., You understand what goes around comes around., What you think you attract, good or bad no right nor wrong.,

What you experience you create, nothing is good or bad, only a degree of perception one has chosen to interpret it by., What you chose you gave what you gave you received., So it returns in a different form, same meaning., The Great ALL is not male nor female yet the ALL encompassing Great ALL., If you harm another you harm the Great ALL which in turn harms yourself., Life is infinite you change bodies like you change clothes you remain the same, consciousness.,

ALL is one for ALL is the Great ALL., The Great ALL is life itself., Harming life in any shape or form words, thoughts, actions or intention, you harm the Great ALL which in turn harms yourself., You’re familiar with this law by what goes around comes around., Preserve life you preserve the great ALL, in turn, you preserve yourself.,

All roads lead to the Great ALL, however,

The path of service to ALL is the easiest path of ALL., by none the quickest route to the Great ALL., The Path of self is the hardest path of them ALL., The longest route of them ALL., Yet all roads shall lead you to the Great ALL.,

Thoth Of Alcyon.,

9:36 am 20th February 2020

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Thoth Octave In Partnership With Golden Peaches Publishing

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Thoth Charles
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Thoth Octave Books
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Thoth Octave are in the business of investing our efforts in creating new and old authors.

Welcome to Thoth Octave In Partnership with Golden P.e.a.c.h.e.s Publishing

We sell ebooks and Physical books. We Publish books for authors. We Ghostwrite journals, planners, Coaching tools and books for authors you imagine it we create it from start to finish. You own 100% copyright.

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Who Is Thoth?

My creative thinking process comes via the Law of One.,
I am a walk-in who came to the earth system 19th January 1982 from Alcyon 12th Dimension “Octavus” to the constellation of Taurus among the Pleiades Family., Thoth., One of the sitting members of The Council of 9 and One., Formerly known as The Saturn Council Of 9.,

To understand who Mu was, see our old world history book The unedited version raw details. Wisdom Of Thoth made for future teachings a guiding light of the future., That which shall never be walked.,

Or Visit IAMTHOTH.COM For Full Details.,


Thoth CharlesThoth Charles., Prime Creator.,

Infinite ALL., Under The Divine Order of

Alcyon Universal Law.,

Sovereign Rights.,

About: Thoth Charles an Emissary of Alcyon.,

Alcyon Entity and Origins:

Thoth Charles Sovereign Ruler and Citizen of Alcyon a 12th Dimension Higher Spirit Entity Being also translates as Thoth Octavus or Thoth Octave. Thoth Charles is subject to Alcyon Universal Law of the Divine., Thoth Charles or Thoth Octave and Thoth Octavus falls under Alcyon Law in all regards under all Jurisdiction among the Cosmos passed under the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty., Alcyon Law can only be challenged by the ruler of Alcyon.,

Alcyon 12th Dimension “Octavus” to the constellation of Taurus among the Pleiades Family. Alcyon is primordially made of water. All citizens of Alcyon are feminine and masculine or male and female. They flow under the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty.,

Alcyon Entity ALL Kem Definition Aspects:

Thoth Charles acts under the Alcyon law of water when visiting universal neighbouring worlds providing the fundamental aspect of water which makes up their primal manifestation of their essence., Definition: Thoth Charles upon visiting a neighbouring planet Gaia takes on the form of I.e. Pisces Sun with a physical manifestation aspect made of 80% water and the natural aspect of the visiting world I.e. Gaia takes on the form i.e. Capricorn Rising fulfilling all Alcyon Laws of Divine Universal Travel., Providing ALL Kem attributes are in place., Water being that of the Feminine aspect Earth being that of the Masculine aspect.,

Masculine and Feminine Symbolic Language in their order represents: .,9 represents the embodiment of Alcyon.,

Thoth Charles comes under the law of Alcyon Water as a Divine Sovereign Entity., Which can only be overruled by the Alcyon Ruler of the 12th Dimension among the Pleiades Family of stars.,

Alcyon Entity Captain Karmic Flow Laws:

Thoth Charles or Thoth Octave can take on any form providing one or ALL aspects are present., Any outside misconduct against Thoth Charles shall be passed over to the Sovereign Universal Karmic Laws Alcyon without notice.,

Alcyon Sovereign Special Rights:

Thoth Charles can take on any formless or form I.e. shapeshifting, name-sharing or any operation that’s of benefit providing one or ALL Kem attributes are in place whilst visiting neighbouring star systems., Thoth Charles or the said shared names do not fall under any law apart from the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty., Under Prime Creator and Ruler of Alcyon ALL.,


It is on this day 12th February 2020.

We reject our status as a British Citizen as well as a human being. We announce our true status as a Universal Energy Being known as Thoth. We will use one of two dates for our purposes. The date; we took ownership of this body from the past occupant. Or the date the ex-spirit occupant was born at our discretion. We will use it for any contracts. Present or future that is mutually beneficial with no hidden agendas.

However, if any party has not been transparent, the documents are void. Past contracts are now void unless the mutual benefit can be proved 100% We do not recognize a date of birth as we have no experience of such. Yet, we shall use the above mentioned. Providing integrity honesty, and transparency has been kept. We will inform all parties before signing we do not recognize such date as we have never been born. However, we will sign with a date to assist you. This agreement is set under the universal law that rules all laws. This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.

When it comes to sexual orientation, we are not male nor female. We are Masculine and feminine combined as one as a whole and complete in ourselves. We do not recognize any race nor gender superior to another all cultures are the chosen ones. It is of no consequence to us if one chooses to believe/understand or not.

The same agreement made under the divine order with our name Thoth Charles. It is hereby acknowledged that Charles was not a necessary addition only for the purposes ease of blending. It should also be noted if we sense any misconduct in any dealings known or unknown. That we reserve the right not to use and claim our sovereign right among the stars at our discretion. We are visitors to the earth system. This agreement is on this day set forth between Thoth Charles and Prime Creator. Under divine order and universal law. 12th February 2020 During our stay on the earth system.

We were once known as Thoth Octave Limited. As of this day 12th February 2020, we are now known as THOTH., We relinquish the non-chosen partnership with the MU. We had no reason nor desire to partner with such an entity or body nor even notified which is misleading conduct. By those that do not take responsibility for their own actions. Nor shall we partner with any MU unless of course, such an entity can prove its legitimate purposes by opening ALL records to the public, providing evidence of a mutual benefit for the Public. Concerning ALL subjects and ALL areas of their dealings with the public. With an independent entity of people chosen by us the public.

We do not condemn you., We love you., With that we release you.,

With the above mentioned it is hereby acknowledged THOTH is an independent entity that has no partnership or allegiance with any misleading or unethical entities that work against the human population in favour of their own financial gain and not the public good of ALL.,

We THOTH and the following given names (THOTH Octave – I Am THOTHTHOTH Charles including the name Jay R. CharlesJayce CharlesJay Charles whilst they remain in circulation.) ALL are solely partnered with Prime Creator and the Infinite ALL., This agreement is set under the universal law that rules ALL laws.

This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity under any circumstances. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.,

It should also be acknowledged our number one resource supplier for all things is provided by the Infinite ALL. The infinite ALL delivers ALL resources through any means it chooses or persons. Any provider will be known by us as the messenger of the Infinite ALL., Anything we provide for others is also known as the same as above.,

We the undersigned are of your future, past and once again your present.,

Our Sovereign rights are made available to the public we have no obligation to provide given they are made publicly available.,

Thoth Of Alcyon., Thoth Charles., Thoth Octave., Thoth Octavus., Jay Charles., Jayce Charles., Jay R. Charles., Prime Creator.,

12th February 2020

Download Thoth Of Alcyon Sovereign Rights.,

Spirit Knowing and Iamthoth

Confessions of a Bodyguard: Operation Pure, The Hero’s Last Stand.

Jake an ex-para turned bodyguard after the Iraq war. Hired to protect a celebrity when they fall in love.
Everything goes wrong after she keeps him a secret.
Their worlds fall apart. He returns to the UK with destruction hunting him down to make sure they stay separated.

He calls in the troops for a favour, fresh identity brand new life, with a trail of secrets now behind him.
Operation Pure is underway. Jake carrying the death of an Iraq child caught in a crossfire attack.
Now facing a daunting challenge with his new identity.
Leading them down a slippery slope towards a global civil war.
Will they resolve in time, or have the team gone too far?

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Learn to heal yourself always be ready for unexpected events. Never be caught out again!

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