Maybe you wonder where Voldemort came from well I heard it from a game developer whos been told not to mention the name and call it Voldemort. I assumed he’s wife was the brains behind this. When I heard I thought how genius of way to create a new reality.

Harry Potter, what did happen to Voldemort in the end? Cute & Genuis.,


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


When Will You Change?

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Voldemort’s Reign Public Announcement

Listen closely If you feel you have cold or flu symptoms and you want to get this gone faster. Then please listen. Have you ever experienced someone you love with a cold, mainly children you wished it from them next morning you got the cold and they were better? If so I am here to take it from you, what’s the catch no catch I’m here to help that’s all.

I can hold this Voldemort’s Reign and transmute it at the same time it does no harm to me apart from a runny nose. Everywhere I go I pull this Voldemort’s Reign into me so I can transmute it. You need not suffer longer then you need too. This Voldemort’s Reign does not leave my body once its inside me its sent out into the universe.

Now if you’re across the planet, I can do this from my location send me a message with the persons first name and describe one item that’s unique to them be it a favourite teddy or coat this will help me anchor and harness.

A little background information If I knew where Louise was she might confirm what I’m about to say. I have not experienced such things for many years going back to 2012. in 2015 Lou came to visit me with a rotten flu I told her I am immune to such things, she did not believe me I told her to give me a kiss more a snog and then watch and see for yourself. I proved it to her.

My intention is to help you and calm this panic that has been created. I want no money nothing. Just here to help. If you want me to do this in person request a meeting I will be happy I can hold your hands or just be sat next to you.

I want you to put down what you think is possible and not possible place all doubts to the side and lets focus on clearing this for you. You have nothing to lose, Continue seeking Doctors help yet add me to your help options also.

The Voldemort’s Reign Transfer Process & Agreement.,

  1. First name

  2. Persons favourite item a photo of the item is acceptable.

  3. You acknowledge you agree to pass the Voldemort’s Reign/Flu or cold over to Thoth allowing Thoth to transmute the Voldemort’s Reign off planet back into the Great Infinite ALL. You are free from harm or lawsuits. Thoth understand fully what he is doing, and you shall not be held responsible in any shape or form.,

    Nobody has the power to override this agreement. That’s for your own peace of mind., The Great Infinite ALL and the Consciousness known as Ra, members of the Law of One fully support Thoth., Any virus that transfers through me cannot escape back into this reality once inside me it’s sealed and sent to Ra.,

By requesting my help you accept the above. We are here as a solution to work along side the health system not to replace it.,

You fully understand if you have doubts this will not help the transfer we must have your full cooperation.

Contact me here

The hidden secrets the truth where the Voldemort’s Reign really came from whose responsible is coming.,

If I had one way of explaining how I got here today after walking through what some consider hell, how I know so well you’re fine, or I wouldn’t be here otherwise, than this video explains it well., Scare tactics are for the weak minded who you need not listen too.,

Lets take a closer look the Gov doesn’t want to take accountability for all the children that have fallen victim to them. Now they use Women to deceive and cover-up the very ones who give birth to children. Is that an insult?

What do the good females of this world have to say about that?

I am Thoth I was the Governments dirty secret for 14 years.

Following the death of my first daughter Chelsea.

I carried my daughter in my arms to her grave.

The Government kidnapped my second daughter Cheyenne.

They were found guilty. They used taxpayers millions “your money” to achieve their agenda.

Where did that money go? Their pocket.

Yet in a separate hearing those who were accountable, their own people allowed them to walk away free to do again to parents like you.

In 30 years from all that was hidden I never once used aggression or hate. I don’t give away my power.

The Law of One it is where our intention lives.,

When you don’t take accountability for your actions as a person company or entity, under universal law of ALL, you lose the right to expect or ask others to do the same. In this one action your power is removed.,

I stand for truth and what’s right.

I am calling them out to face the crimes they have done and still do upon the good spirits of this country.,

For Chelsea, Cheyenne and every child on this planet today I stand by the truth and do what’s right for them.,

Because Children Matter.

30% of the facts are placed inside this book the description on amazon masks what’s hidden inside yet true to content, so does the preview that was deliberate, the title gives the truth., Empower yourself and your children.,

Ask me in person i’ll give you another 30% the 40% is my ACE Card., Love & Light To You.,

Kenndy Scott came to visit. They asked me to play the game with the Gov. I followed to see where this was going.

The first meeting with Sunara she came with a woman who was the reason I gave them a chance, this woman connected with me she could relate her family member also experienced the death of their child and went through a spiritual awakening.

That woman vanished. My theory is they told her what they were planning she disagreed with such behaviour because of that she was off the job.

They filled the papers. I did nothing saw nothing. Sunara was deceptive covering Southern Housing so they can escape taking accountability. They claimed I owe £3,000 the minute they thought they were in the clear. I owe NOTHING. They owe me. They began by stealing money using the help of Universal Credit. They were only here to help themselves.

Sunara came to a meeting with me. We met Chrylyn the one who discriminates who causes issues for clients. She put on an act so did I, I took the opportunity to remind UC I considered in those 3 months about hanging myself truth is they all made me suffer to break me down.

She uttered No, nobody should feel that way we care and support everyone. She lied through her teeth. If that was true then why do in the first place. UC disrupt everyone’s life who come through those doors not support.

I have a question to Boris Johnson are you telling us all you’re a dictatorship? I thought you were about uniting the ENTIRE British People do you remember?

I told Sunara many times to pass on a message to Southern Housing directors to meet with me to find a solution what Tony their worker did with breaking Privacy and Data Protection which is a criminal offence so we are clear. Sunara did not pass on my message. Then she brought a manager who came down from the North I took the opportunity to mention this in front of her manager she knew nothing Sunara has been deceptive. Sunara works for Kennedy Scott who works for Southern Housing who also is in Partnership with the Government.

We played along we watched, monitored every action and word they did. They were all deceptive. Play the game means be deceptive. That’s what they offered without any change.

Sunara showed me photos of one of her clients openly in a public library people were watching on, the client was a bodyguard for Princess Diana, what I was shown would disgust most people. Sunara openly discussed his case in front of the new Manager. Need I mention data protection is an issue with these people.
They have no interest in changing yet more deception. Sunara is a nice woman misguided if money overrides honesty, it’s not acceptable. Tony from Southern Housing messed up not me. The Government messed up not me.



Children Of Alcyon9

Thoth Charles., Prime Creator.,

Infinite ALL., Under The Divine Order of

Alcyon Universal Law.,

Sovereign Rights.,

About: Thoth Charles an Emissary of Alcyon.,

Alcyon Entity and Origins:

Thoth Charles Sovereign Ruler and Citizen of Alcyon a 12th Dimension Higher Spirit Entity Being also translates as Thoth Octavus or Thoth Octave. Thoth Charles is subject to Alcyon Universal Law of the Divine., Thoth Charles or Thoth Octave and Thoth Octavus falls under Alcyon Law in all regards under all Jurisdiction among the Cosmos passed under the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty., Alcyon Law can only be challenged by the ruler of Alcyon.,

Alcyon 12th Dimension “Octavus” to the constellation of Taurus among the Pleiades Family. Alcyon is primordially made of water. All citizens of Alcyon are feminine and masculine or male and female. They flow under the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty.,

Alcyon Entity ALL Kem Definition Aspects:

Thoth Charles acts under the Alcyon law of water when visiting universal neighbouring worlds providing the fundamental aspect of water which makes up their primal manifestation of their essence., Definition: Thoth Charles upon visiting a neighbouring planet Gaia takes on the form of I.e. Pisces Sun with a physical manifestation aspect made of 80% water and the natural aspect of the visiting world I.e. Gaia takes on the form i.e. Capricorn Rising fulfilling all Alcyon Laws of Divine Universal Travel., Providing ALL Kem attributes are in place., Water being that of the Feminine aspect Earth being that of the Masculine aspect.,

Masculine and Feminine Symbolic Language in their order represents: .,9 represents the embodiment of Alcyon.,

Thoth Charles comes under the law of Alcyon Water as a Divine Sovereign Entity., Which can only be overruled by the Alcyon Ruler of the 12th Dimension among the Pleiades Family of stars.,

Alcyon Entity Captain Karmic Flow Laws:

Thoth Charles or Thoth Octave can take on any form providing one or ALL aspects are present., Any outside misconduct against Thoth Charles shall be passed over to the Sovereign Universal Karmic Laws Alcyon without notice.,

Alcyon Sovereign Special Rights:

Thoth Charles can take on any formless or form I.e. shapeshifting, name-sharing or any operation that’s of benefit providing one or ALL Kem attributes are in place whilst visiting neighbouring star systems., Thoth Charles or the said shared names do not fall under any law apart from the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty., Under Prime Creator and Ruler of Alcyon ALL.,


It is on this day 12th February 2020.

We reject our status as a British Citizen as well as a human being. We announce our true status as a Universal Energy Being known as Thoth. We will use one of two dates for our purposes. The date; we took ownership of this body from the past occupant. Or the date the ex-spirit occupant was born at our discretion. We will use it for any contracts. Present or future that is mutually beneficial with no hidden agendas.

However, if any party has not been transparent, the documents are void. Past contracts are now void unless the mutual benefit can be proved 100% We do not recognize a date of birth as we have no experience of such. Yet, we shall use the above mentioned. Providing integrity honesty, and transparency has been kept. We will inform all parties before signing we do not recognize such date as we have never been born. However, we will sign with a date to assist you. This agreement is set under the universal law that rules all laws. This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.

When it comes to sexual orientation, we are not male nor female. We are Masculine and feminine combined as one as a whole and complete in ourselves. We do not recognize any race nor gender superior to another all cultures are the chosen ones. It is of no consequence to us if one chooses to believe/understand or not.

The same agreement made under the divine order with our name Thoth Charles. It is hereby acknowledged that Charles was not a necessary addition only for the purposes ease of blending. It should also be noted if we sense any misconduct in any dealings known or unknown. That we reserve the right not to use and claim our sovereign right among the stars at our discretion. We are visitors to the earth system. This agreement is on this day set forth between Thoth Charles and Prime Creator. Under divine order and universal law. 12th February 2020 During our stay on the earth system.

We were once known as Thoth Octave Limited. As of this day 12th February 2020, we are now known as THOTH., We relinquish the non-chosen partnership with the Government. We had no reason nor desire to partner with such an entity or body nor even notified which is misleading conduct. By those that do not take responsibility for their own actions. Nor shall we partner with any Government unless of course, such an entity can prove its legitimate purposes by opening ALL records to the public, providing evidence of a mutual benefit for the Public. Concerning ALL subjects and ALL areas of their dealings with the public. With an independent entity of people chosen by us the public.

We do not condemn you., We love you., With that we release you.,

With the above mentioned it is hereby acknowledged THOTH is an independent entity that has no partnership or allegiance with any misleading or unethical entities that work against the human population in favour of their own financial gain and not the public good of ALL.,

We THOTH and the following given names (THOTH Octave – I Am THOTHTHOTH Charles including the name Jay R. CharlesJayce CharlesJay Charles whilst they remain in circulation.) ALL are solely partnered with Prime Creator and the Infinite ALL., This agreement is set under the universal law that rules ALL laws.

This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity under any circumstances. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.,

It should also be acknowledged our number one resource supplier for all things is provided by the Infinite ALL. The infinite ALL delivers ALL resources through any means it chooses or persons. Any provider will be known by us as the messenger of the Infinite ALL., Anything we provide for others is also known as the same as above.,

We the undersigned are of your future, past and once again your present.,

Our Sovereign rights are made available to the public we have no obligation to provide given they are made publicly available.,

Thoth Of Alcyon.,

Thoth Charles.,

Thoth Octave.,

Thoth Octavus.,

Jay Charles.,

Jayce Charles.,

Jay R. Charles.,

Prime Creator.,

12th February 2020

Download Thoth Of Alcyon Sovereign Rights.,

Spirit Knowing and Iamthoth