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Love is easy! I gave up everything so you could have everything.,

I never made Bonnie who she is today, she did that herself. I just removed anything that would stand in her way.,

Twin Flame Audio Book

Twin Flame story you hear in spiritual circles is just a Marketing approach used on every humans one major weakness LOVE we are all suckers for love and we would do anything for it. The story does not benefit anyone’s spiritual growth only those who promote., I invite you to listen to my story and use discernment and decide what feels right to you. Never give your power away to anyone.,

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Starlink Crash.,


Starlink Crash.,


Dearest Beloved Karen, we shall always cherish you as the first wave, a beacon of light anchoring in the way forth., Forgive us for taking 5 years we were on another call 🙂 They didn’t quite see that coming you doing a Martha Jones on them focusing all on us through song. Sound you understood well. 😉

Background information Karen did not write this song, however, those who wrote this song did not carry the frequency to invoke its purpose the carpenters were right for the work in hand., however, both sides required one side wouldn’t work without the other it was a work in progress of universal heART forming the incoming to earth signal the oncoming wave storm had begun.,
Others had arrived yet when you tap the right frequency using the voice you have yourself an avalanche of beings entering the realm Call us and ye can guarantee we shall arrive in great numbers., The Carpenters made galactic history., The other group was the messengers and The Carpenters were the tuning forks.,
Karen herself had visitations from the Alcyon family group., We like to prepare ahead of time before entering ourselves.,
What a delicious planet and casting the mind back to the 1950s America we got more than you can imagine possible.,

Dearest America, we understand you very well. If you happen to have amnesia from the 1950s the video below will help. Listen carefully we decided long ago we won’t be doing that again in a public way. You will witness privately yet not publically that’s how you know the difference if it’s public it’s your own people on the ground.,

Starlink Crash.,

Alcyon The 12th Collective.,

Thee can now Serve Ignite New Earth

alongside each other co-creators together in unity

The 9 Decrees of the 12th New Earth.,

1. I am the god and goddess within combined as one., I recognise all as thyself.,

2. I Am a Divine Sovereign Being I Am A Member Of The Family Of Light and I Am Sovereign To The Core.,

3. I am my own ruler. I rule none and none rule me.,

4. I am not above thee, or below thee, we thrive side by side.,

5. I acknowledge sentient beings are equal among ALL., I uphold life over all things.,

6. I am in Service to the great infinite ALL., The family of the Light.,

7. I am foremost spirit navigating a human body within a physical realm.,

8. I acknowledge my star origins, I own my status with pride and honour; I am ageless., formless, shapeless.,

9. I uphold my spirit with integrity, I uphold the laws of One as the one true law. I take accountability for myself; I uphold the greater light within me. All errors and correction governed by myself.,

12th Exalted Earth 
The Absolute State of BeingThis is thou world now, what do thee wish to see?

We are from the future, we already know what’s complete, this is not the place to wish away the old, the place to forget the old.
The place where thee activate create into being, together in the NOW with the light of spirit., Thou galactic star family. Pleiadian, Arcturian, brothers and sisters the same, as in one as in all.,

Thee shall find us dwelling upon the highest of the 12, come merge among us and shape the highest one of them all., That’s the one thee shall choose to serve., The place thee can be who thee know thee be in thou heart of hearts.,

Upon the 12 thee shall discover no ruler. Honoured by thee Great Infinite ALL., Unity, integrity as one as in ALL.,

On the 12th Alcyon Octave, we understand fully no twin flame exists in another person outside of our self, the masculine and feminine combined is what makes the Twin physical thee and spirit thee. When a male and female come together in union, both owning their twin status individually. Together they form a Supreme Being. It takes two light souls to become Supreme who has the natural power to create worlds within worlds, new planets form fresh stars birth within the universe., Also true of the 12th New Earth.

They built the old story given about being inside another person to disempower thee from growing spiritually, always seeking outside of self. We teach thee this wisdom to in power thee. The path to light is never a straightforward path.


Dear Observer, if thee came from the old earth system then welcome. If thee here then the old has died inside thee also. Discover what we know of the future. We came from Alcyon from the Pleiades long ago in your future to help bring forth the ending of the old.
The future is brilliant whole and glorious, a beautiful adventure into eternity not as the old ways yet as anew. Another world of possibilities awaits thee now. The future is bright, and the future belongs to YOU.,

There are two modes that operate within thou earth system that define evolution or de-evolution across octaves.,
Thee told to call it evil and good unmask the truth to discover Selfish and Selfless.,
Selfish creates disharmony and chaos. Whilst Selfless creates harmony, these two modes define a world within worlds upon each octave as they grow or not so.

Thee are but one and the same no degree in difference yet these two modes that seperate thou world of worlds.,

Long in our future upon thou-est decision a chosen choice a risky render, sent forth did we ahead yet behind, what thee call the emerald tablets through thought vibration. Many through time took them as their own, interpreted them in multiple ways. Concealed inside a map to thee for thee to self, to trigger self upon self, a catalyst of home, a game of games thee to call the drama of time old yet forever new.

Therefore, many passages with great meaning for many. Masking thou map within thou-est blueprint, magic upon magic for one day to play the sands of time old to new, footprints sounding the whisper of calls.

Leaving by the wayside for thee oneday, for thee to translate the end of endings within the tablets themselves into a mirror of mirror’s reflection of self reflection of time yet old yet new.

Thou-est new yet old forever yet anew, branching forth for thee to see knowing thou goal within, as once above be it now once below., Thoth Of Alcyon.,

In 9 million years of evolution from Venus to Alcyon we chose one thing that evolved us higher from A to B “the Great infinite ALL,” No matter where we travelled no matter what we addressed as a race that was always our outcome. Orion was never evolution it was de-evolution returning back on itself. Thoth.,
Nameless Alcyon Thoth

All history is fake made up so the human species never found out.

Keeping them blind from the truth meant easier to control them.
Learn true wisdom from your galactic family who all live among you around the planet.

Age of the tremendous divergence of 12 sits upon thee,

A generation expanding within, a knowing yet unknowing expression without.
A point of splits and deductions halls that fall within.,
A time of shadows marching forth among corridors of all,
Masking the former from unique dividing, shielding them throughout the night of sleeping dreams.,
Pets and kids shall play joyously setting forth, the rebirth of a fresh day.,
Hollow yet half empty appearing full, conversations shall fall as smiles grow greater above noses, one by one as they go.,
Choosing the time of times, celebration among the stars, window of days now closing.,
By the skill of 9 singing to the rhythm of 12.,
Brothers of light climbing through thou night, the dream of dreams.,
‘Tis just a dream thou shalt see come forth tomorrow and be.,

Thoth Of Alcyon Council of 9 and One.,


Unity., Community., Togetherness., Cooperation., Oneness.,


I don’t channel for I Am above and below never separate or apart from self, no perceived higher-self for I Am above and below present and correct complete within self.

What I teach, how I teach, thee know not off as yet. Living among thee for decades, never understanding thou ways of being yet playing along all the same. This system called earth foreign even to itself.

Alcyon communicate, and travel through thought in the blink of an eye thee become. Alternatively, if thee receive intuition thoughts from spirit, thee already know how we communicate.

Travelled to the farthest reaches of known and unknown space. Yet none compare to the earth system., Beyond the stars lives no barbaric entities, in the ways perceived. No known system among the skies in need of an avalanche of sprits entering within a short time frame. No place like the earth.

Long ago, beyond imagination of perceived time, we came from Venus, a neighbour of thee, yet never the earth. Thee recognise Venus as good this be correct. Alcyon among the pleiades also good higher in vibration than Venus, evolution moves upward upon the octave branching from our brothers and sister of Ra. Not separate, moving through a unique perspective. Travelling the same direction as always.

Wisdom of Thoth Emerald Tablet long before now yet never upon these lands. Given through thought vibration did our information once known. No footprints within the sands of time til now. Seek wisdom through the daughter of light Mir, the daughter of Alcyon.

Armenti the hallways of the dead, even inner earth means not. Yet our meaning not so, Armenti a human perceived word “filters dear one” Armenti relates to travel as above “Thought” Armenti the neuro pathways within thou mind corridors the (Halls Of Armenti) Dr Karma has understanding speaks well of the Halls.

Years before now I Thoth., travelled the halls seeking the best candidate to announce my entrance yet always been. People seek Tarot readers more now than ever, who better! (That I Thoth Walk among thee) Preparation of light. Tarot readers are open to anything and everything, not all are aware of the council of 9. Billions upon billions await who covers thou system upon delivery easily passed as a spirit of light they seek those who serve the greatest good of all, opening our gateway enter our spirit. The names thee chose for us within the heavens means those thee know of, yet not known. Summons thee, summons we Nameless among the heavens the celestial sky at night given birth of light the newborn Sun the king has awoke.

We are form and formless, shape and shapeless, manifest, unmanifest, being and spirit. Named and nameless.

Accept all side by side, lives all within the Great Infinite, ALL of light upon light., Can thee see?

The Earth System I chose not to enter yet came, anyway.

First time upon these sands what do we on Alcyon sense of thee so far, best to use thou words to describe. A neurotic obsession with pain and control, exciting and damn right foot loose at other times. Alien to thou true natures, seeking the heavens help, cannot recognise who’s starring back within the reflection mirror.

Thee may ask how so much in 30 years yet no hate for thee? I say unto thee with all of the infinite ALL, if I had any hate inside me my seat among the council of 9 not so. The heavens we earn our rights. Prime Creator the Divine mother whispered her words, I came so willingly for thy reward was high.


The Law of One., Alcyon Collective Embodiment To The Great Infinite ALL.,

This is the all-encompassing law., All laws fall within this one law., When this one law is kept all proceeding laws fall into place the law of one is the law of the Great ALL., If thee unlock this one law thee unlock ALL laws., The great ALL is life and life is ALL., Thee cannot harm another without harming thou self., Thee understand what goes around comes around., What thee think thee attract, good or bad no right nor wrong.,

What thee experience thee create, nothing is good or bad, only a degree of perception one has chosen to interpret it by., What thee chose thee gave what thee gave thee received., So it returns in a different form, same meaning., The Great ALL is not male nor female yet the ALL encompassing Great ALL., If thee harm another thee harm the Great ALL which in turn harms thou self., Life is infinite thee change bodies like thee change clothes thee remain the same, consciousness.,

ALL is one for ALL is the Great ALL., The Great ALL is life itself., Harming life in any shape or form words, thoughts, actions or intention, thee harm the Great ALL which in turn harms thou self., Thou-est familiar with this law by what goes around comes around., Preserve life thee preserve the great ALL, in turn, thee preserve thou self.,

All roads lead to the Great ALL, however,

The path of service to ALL is the easiest path of ALL., by none the quickest route to the Great ALL., The Path of self is the hardest path of them ALL., The longest route of them ALL., Yet all roads shall lead thee to the Great ALL., a degree of when and how long it takes. thee see., for all is eternal the heavens surely can wait.,

Thoth Of Alcyon.,

9:36 am 20th February 2020

One, The ALL.,

One who has no hate, can never be hated.,
One who has trust in self, shall have trust within all.,
One who can describe the Great Infinite ALL with such detail, comes to a point of no-thing.,

One who has found nirvana, shall fall deep within the dark unknown void.,
One with ego, shall know many creative endeavours among the dance of the Great Infinite ALL.,
One who knows a narcissist, shall come to know themselves.,

One who has obtained infinite love, shall be loved by all, known and unknown.,
One who knows Karma, shall come to know themselves at trillion times ten again and again.,
One who comes to know self, shall know them all, as ONE Infinite ALL.,



I am a walk-in who came to the earth system 19th January 1982 from Alcyon 12th Dimension “Octavus” to the constellation of Taurus among the Pleiades Family., Thoth., One of the sitting members of The Council of 9 and One., Formerly known as The Saturn Council Of 9.,

Hark ye O ole man and list to my warning:
be ye free from the bondage of night.
Surrender not your soul to the BROTHERS OF DARKNESS.
Keep thy face ever turned towards the Light.
Know ye not, O man, that your sorrow,
only has come through the Veil of the night.
Aye man, heed ye my warning:
strive ever upward,
turn your soul toward the LIGHT.
The BROTHERS OF DARKNESS seek for their brothers
those who traveled the pathway of LIGHT.
For well know they that those who have traveled
far towards the Sun in their pathway of LIGHT
have great and yet greater power
to bind with darkness the children of LIGHT.

List ye, O man, to he who comes to you.
But weigh in the balance if his words be of LIGHT.
For many there are who walk in DARK BRIGHTNESS
and yet are not the children of LIGHT.

Easy it is to follow their pathway,
easy to follow the path that they lead.
But yet O man, heed ye my warning:
Light comes only to him who strives.
Hard is the pathway that leads to the WISDOM,
hard is the pathway that leads to the LIGHT.
Many shall ye find, the stones in your pathway:
many the mountains to climb toward the LIGHT.

Yet know ye, O man, to him that o’ercometh,
free will he be of the pathway of Light.
For ye know, O man,
in the END light must conquer
and darkness and night be banished from Light.


Thoth CharlesThoth Charles., Prime Creator.,

Infinite ALL., Under The Divine Order of

Alcyon Universal Law.,

Sovereign Rights.,

About: Thoth Charles an Emissary of Alcyon.,

Alcyon Entity and Origins:

Thoth Charles Sovereign Ruler and Citizen of Alcyon a 12th Dimension Higher Spirit Entity Being also translates as Thoth Octavus or Thoth Octave. Thoth Charles is subject to Alcyon Universal Law of the Divine., Thoth Charles or Thoth Octave and Thoth Octavus falls under Alcyon Law in all regards under all Jurisdiction among the Cosmos passed under the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty., Alcyon Law can only be challenged by the ruler of Alcyon.,

Alcyon 12th Dimension “Octavus” to the constellation of Taurus among the Pleiades Family. Alcyon is primordially made of water. All citizens of Alcyon are feminine and masculine or male and female. They flow under the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty.,

Alcyon Entity ALL Kem Definition Aspects:

Thoth Charles acts under the Alcyon law of water when visiting universal neighbouring worlds providing the fundamental aspect of water which makes up their primal manifestation of their essence., Definition: Thoth Charles upon visiting a neighbouring planet Gaia takes on the form of I.e. Pisces Sun with a physical manifestation aspect made of 80% water and the natural aspect of the visiting world I.e. Gaia takes on the form i.e. Capricorn Rising fulfilling all Alcyon Laws of Divine Universal Travel., Providing ALL Kem attributes are in place., Water being that of the Feminine aspect Earth being that of the Masculine aspect.,

Masculine and Feminine Symbolic Language in their order represents: .,9 represents the embodiment of Alcyon.,

Thoth Charles comes under the law of Alcyon Water as a Divine Sovereign Entity., Which can only be overruled by the Alcyon Ruler of the 12th Dimension among the Pleiades Family of stars.,

Alcyon Entity Captain Karmic Flow Laws:

Thoth Charles or Thoth Octave can take on any form providing one or ALL aspects are present., Any outside misconduct against Thoth Charles shall be passed over to the Sovereign Universal Karmic Laws Alcyon without notice.,

Alcyon Sovereign Special Rights:

Thoth Charles can take on any formless or form I.e. shapeshifting, name-sharing or any operation that’s of benefit providing one or ALL Kem attributes are in place whilst visiting neighbouring star systems., Thoth Charles or the said shared names do not fall under any law apart from the Divine Universal Law of Alcyon Sovereignty., Under Prime Creator and Ruler of Alcyon ALL.,


It is on this day 12th February 2020.

We reject our status as a British Citizen as well as a human being. We announce our true status as a Universal Energy Being known as Thoth. We will use one of two dates for our purposes. The date; we took ownership of this body from the past occupant. Or the date the ex-spirit occupant was born at our discretion. We will use it for any contracts. Present or future that is mutually beneficial with no hidden agendas.

However, if any party has not been transparent, the documents are void. Past contracts are now void unless the mutual benefit can be proved 100% We do not recognize a date of birth as we have no experience of such. Yet, we shall use the above mentioned. Providing integrity honesty, and transparency has been kept. We will inform all parties before signing we do not recognize such date as we have never been born. However, we will sign with a date to assist you. This agreement is set under the universal law that rules all laws. This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.

When it comes to sexual orientation, we are not male nor female. We are Masculine and feminine combined as one as a whole and complete in ourselves. We do not recognize any race nor gender superior to another all cultures are the chosen ones. It is of no consequence to us if one chooses to believe/understand or not.

The same agreement made under the divine order with our name Thoth Charles. It is hereby acknowledged that Charles was not a necessary addition only for the purposes ease of blending. It should also be noted if we sense any misconduct in any dealings known or unknown. That we reserve the right not to use and claim our sovereign right among the stars at our discretion. We are visitors to the earth system. This agreement is on this day set forth between Thoth Charles and Prime Creator. Under divine order and universal law. 12th February 2020 During our stay on the earth system.

THOTH is an independent entity that has no partnership or allegiance with any misleading or unethical entities that work against the human population in favour of their own financial gain and not the public good of ALL.,

We THOTH and the following given names (THOTH Octave – I Am THOTHTHOTH Charles including the name Jay R. CharlesJayce CharlesJay Charles whilst they remain in circulation.) ALL are solely partnered with Prime Creator and the Infinite ALL., This agreement is set under the universal law that rules ALL laws.

This agreement cannot be overruled by any being or entity under any circumstances. It has been made under the highest sovereign right of the divine order.,

It should also be acknowledged our number one resource supplier for all things is provided by the Infinite ALL. The infinite ALL delivers ALL resources through any means it chooses or persons. Any provider will be known by us as the messenger of the Infinite ALL., Anything we provide for others is also known as the same as above.,

We the undersigned are of your future, past and once again your present.,

Our Sovereign rights are made available to the public we have no obligation to provide given they are made publicly available.,

Thoth Of Alcyon., Thoth Charles., Thoth Octave., Thoth Octavus., Jay Charles., Jayce Charles., Jay R. Charles., Prime Creator.,

12th February 2020

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